BIG T Welcome

Welcome to the 7th Annual Bill Shafer BIG T
Saturday May 19th, 2018
Backyard Invitational Golf Tournament

The 6th Annual BIG T was once again a Huge Success! Thank you to Everyone Who Made it Possible
and Congratulations to Our 2017 BIG T Champions
"Made up team of Walk On's" Adams Rule is Now in Effect for 2018
Who Will Take Home the 2018 Title?????

This all started as an idea when Laura used to live on the Avenues of Hattiesburg, and her friends had a Backyard Golf Tournament every year. We always thought that it would be fun to have a Backyard Golf Tournament. It sounded like a great time with friends and a excuse to have a good time.

So we started talking about having a tournament. This is just a little history of how the BIG T is becoming an annual event .

We decided to have a FUN golf tournament in the yard. Then Laura said we could come up with a funny name for it and incorporate her dad's name into it.
Because.....There were only 4 things that he really enjoyed doing in his free time. He loved music! He enjoyed keeping stats on baseball! and his outdoor activity was watching USM Sports and BACKYARD GOLF. So we decided to have the Bill Shafer Backyard Invitational Golf Tournament. The BIG T!

So we took the idea and ran with it.

Bill was also very passionate about his career, and was obviously extremely good at it! We hear all the time how students and faculty miss him being around so much at USM. But there is still one major accomplishment that carries on today. Bill was the co-founder of the Sexual Assault Crisis Center at USM which is now named after him, and is now proudly called 

During the planning we thought it would be a great idea to try and raise a little money for the Shafer Center just to help them out however we can. Remember, this was all designed to be fun, not a burden on anyone. So all we ask is  that you come out play in the tournament for a small fee, or come hang out with us, because it will be a spectators sport for sure! The main objective is to have FUN!

So follow the links on the sidebar for all the information on the BIG T. Check back often...we will be posting info until the big day is underway!
or Contact us at
This was an actual picture of Bill on his 1/2 acre 18 Hole BACKYARD Golf Course in Aug of 1978.

Have you ever noticed what golf spells backwards ?