Welcome to my den...

A place for me to sit quietly at my computer to rant, share funny stories of my life, and to write about my interests.

I labored for almost nine years as a full-time bookbinder and large machine operator when I fell victim to the economic catastrophe that hit the United States in August 2010.  
After loosing my job, my grandparents provided a great deal of financial support that enabled me to return to college in November 2010.
I have earned an Associate of Arts degree from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, graduating summa cum laude in 2012.

I am nearing completion of my BA in History and Area of Concentration in English at Northern Kentucky University.  

I have researched smear tactics used by FDR's opponents during Roosevelt's first term as President, the influence of the Society of Jesus in Latin America, and I am currently researching nineteenth-century religious movements in the United States.

For more information about my past, please click the link below...
What are my interests?
They are incredibly varied.  Before losing my job, my main interest was reading theology and political science books.
Since returning to college, I have more free time to pursue activities that were previously denied to me because of the long hours at work.
At present, I am preparing to transition back into the work force, honing my piano skills, and continuing historical research.