Let me help you trace the developmental roots of your anxiety.  You will find the strength in your 'Shadow' and the purpose of the 'Shame' you carry. "When you come into therapy it is a time to expand the sense of yourself, including the strengths you gained getting through difficult situations. I use a gentle, effect in-depth model of psychotherapy.  Your values allowed you to survive during and after those critical life events. Your and my job is to get to know you better and strengthen your ability to act on your values.  Setting up patterns of self improvement is life long and satisfying."  Your most flexible position for making current life decisions is to have clear understanding of your values and how those values are prioritized.  Anxiety Disorder are caused by an internal conflict of values that becomes patterned as an extreme physical fear reaction. You may be a combat veteran, mental health or law enforcement worker having family or relationship problems, because of your impulsive behavior.  You need clear and practical strategies for replacing automatic reactions with mindful responses. Problem solving with another human being you feel understood by is how we are wired to make difficult choices.  
I have also helped many survivors of childhood trauma and neglect by seeing how their early life patterns repeat themselves unless they have the felt sense of safety to explore new choices. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will definitely get better with knowledgeable treatment.
Personality structures that lead to adult distress are developed in relation to deficits in the parental environment.  The earlier these patterns are recognized and reorganized the less damage they create.  Even young children and elderly people can become aware of their character defects and develop healthier attitudes.

My approach for treating adults, children, couples and families is client centered, developmentally informed. We all structure our early childhoods to adapt to the deficits of our parents and caregivers.  Some of the most destructive of these patterns are very difficult to bring to awareness. In-depth therapy is a chance to recognize these dynamics. Once seen we can begin to create new options. Experimenting with the authentic, rather than defensive sense of who you are, is our job. We need to develop a therapy space we know is safe and clarifying for you to explore how you might want to act.   

Coming into therapy is a time to expand the sense of yourself. As an adult, youth or couple, I will help you see how your early life patterns are restricting your current satisfaction in life. We will make movement toward intimacy in your life through establishing a safe, experimental, exploratory and empathetic environment. My work is informed by the findings in neuroscience about the effects of trauma in attachment development. Listening and sensing the directions of likely growth for the my clients is my special skill. I have done this in-depth work with over 1,000 people in my 29 year career. I am known in the medical, educational and chemical dependency fields for helping with people who are having troubles because of anxiety and depression. The last 18 years I have also worked children and families.                                                                                                                                                                      

Neuroscience, Trauma and Attachment  A healthy relationship environment allows influence from your innocent, authentic sense of yourself. The true sense of self is protected by developing an alternate internal sense of yourselves to show the world, hiding away your authenticity. We all structure this defensive view of ourselves around feelings of shame. This repetitive and devaluing self-talk, with undue concern with the thoughts and feelings of others, will act as a shell to stay anxious and/or depressed. Exposing these protective strategies in a safe/professional atmosphere allows for alternate approaches for dealing with people. Practicing new actions in therapy can flesh-out the pre-wired skills for attachment.  My clients have included; combat veterans, survivors of childhood and adult sexual, physical and emotional abuse, victims of accidents and people with chronic and acute pain problems.  Each person's or family's unique temperament and upbringing environment requires individualized care.