December 10th, 2018

So far today has been a decent fitness day. All classes have moved for approximately 30 minutes. As you may recall, cardiovascular movement should be done for 20-30 minutes, three times per week, or every other day.

November 20, 2018

Welcome to the first activity of the second quarter, PICKLEBALL!!! See the video that does a great job of explaining a rule you'll need to know. Click on the video to the right.

November 20th, 2018

Please remember the preparation rules and keep phone and earbuds in your locker!(locked up, of course)

October 17th, 2018

Please put your valuables on the bleacher steps, if you bring them to class. Also, you may hang your hoodies and jackets on the railing of the bleachers

September 28th, 2018

Please remember to see the teacher before leaving the classroom for drink or bathroom.

Athletes who dress up for game day are still required to be changed for PE.

Athletes who do NOT participate in PE may not participate in a practice or contest after school!!!!!

September 6th, 2018

Welcome back to a new school year. I'm looking forward to helping you grow physically, attain confidence, and perhaps do something in the physical realm that you've never done before.

May 14th

Please note that in addition to having an android charging block and an apple charging block in our office, we now have a fitbit charger, as well. Now, you have no excuse to not track your steps!!!

September 26th

Enjoyed meeting a lot of parents last night. We went over our new structure of activities. We also went over medical notes, preparation, and grading.

September 6th

Welcome back to all students!

January 5th Effective immediately, I will be adding some of the extra effort points earned, periodically throughout the marking period.

1. This will provide some comfort to those that do them faithfully.

2. Note that grades will move upward quicker, but failure to meet goals in class may result in a bump downwards, even if one had an A+.

3. One must have at least 2 extra effort questions answered correctly.

December 19th Reminder that one unprepared equals a progress report.

December 16th

I have not been able to post an extra credit! I will try and post one on Monday.

November 29th

Welcome to the second marking period!

  • Badminton first, then volleyball.
  • I will be posting the first extra credit next Friday.
  • See me to get a drink or use the bathroom. ALWAYS!
  • I add grades, as shown in grading section, on Thursdays for my computer students and Friday for the other teachers.

November 18th

Thank you for your efforts first marking period. We will be scheduling Monday and Tuesday.

New unit is starting today, October 17th. Please note the following:

1. Please do not go through the gym before and especially, after class.

2. Safety is of the utmost importance. Any degradation of a safe environment will be dealt with swiftly and strongly.

Please note, going forward, please do only the top extra credit!

Grading has been moved to a separate page. Please click the button on the left.


Almost 100% of 1st quarter progress reports are related to preparation. Any student with 1 unprepared will receive a progress report.


Fitness testing is not included in your PE grade. We are all about improvement and trust you'll endeavor to improve your scores, where ever they currently lie.

For back to school night, we will be covering items that parents may be concerned about. These include medical issues and locker room security.


Students will be expected to keep their padlock locked on their locker. The padlock issued should remain on the locker assigned, without fail. Please see me if you have an issue opening your locker.


Medical notes, whether from family or Doctor, need to go to Nurse's office. They will exchange for a green slip that you'll present to me. Illnesses requiring more than two days out of activity, require a doctor's note.


Athletes who dress up for game day are still required to be changed for PE.

Athletes who do NOT participate in PE may not participate in a practice or contest after school!!!!!