The music of the great American jazz performers...Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Harry Connick, Jr.,
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Bill Karp is a well-known American jazz vocalist whose home is in Augusta, GA. ( Weblink: Verge Magazine Article, "The Faces of Jazz in Augusta" ). Voted the past 3 years, "The Best of Augusta Jazz" by the readers of Augusta Magazine and a "Augusta CHOICE AWARD" Nominee, he performs romantic jazz, swing jazz and big band jazz. Bill has been performing jazz his entire life and is a seasoned, professional jazz musician. He brings his jazz to locations throughout the Southeast. He performs in most of the event spaces around town, as well as art exhibit openings, wine tastings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, and at parties and dinner parties in private homes and country clubs across the area.  American jazz has been re-discovered these days by millennial hipsters who sometimes call it "Old School Jazz."  It's  multicultural, multigenerational jazz that everyone at your event will's that jazz people love.

Bill will come to your party, dinner or event and provide you with 1-2.5 hours of continuous jazz. Bill's American jazz sound can fill either very large spaces, such as concert halls, hotel or exhibit spaces or very small spaces, in which people want to eat or drink or talk (or all three), while listening to performance-quality jazz. In addition, Bill does 30 minute - 2 hr concerts which are perfect for event "add-ons," for example as after-dinner entertainment to add to the excitement and interest of the evening. Bill even has a unique jazz program called BillKarpJazak, especially-designed jazz for adding live jazz ambiance to very small or quiet spaces, such as small restaurants, wine tastings or art exhibit openings or small living rooms or gardens.  Slightly bigger budget?  Think about The American Jazz Combo.

"The man is a Jazz Genius!!!"

...Terry Johnikin

Contact Information

(762) 233-7205   (preferred)



Suggested Settings for American Jazz

A Casual or Dressy Party in Your Home or Garden or on Your Deck

A Dinner in Your Home, Indoors or Outdoors

A "Living Room Concert" for your Friends in your Own Home

A Birthday Party

Wedding Receptions and Rehearsal Dinners

Your Anniversary or Vow Renewal Party or Dinner


Wine Tastings

Exhibit Openings

Business Parties, Receptions

Business Networking Events

Cocktail Party

Equestrian and Polo Receptions and Events

Golf and Country Club Events

A Classic American Jazz Concert

American jazz can be very formal or very casual, depending upon your event.

A casual, but memorable, evening in your own home or garden or on your deck...

A more formal evening....

Sample Program

-A sample jazz program in your home, garden, restaurant or event space-

Bill will come to your location with a compact, non-intrusive but high-quality sound system. He will set up in your restaurant, home, garden or event space and will perform a program of American jazz music. During your event, he will perform approximately 50-70 American jazz standards. Interspersed with his beautifully-arranged and unique jazz vocals, he will include American jazz background music; that means there is continuous music during your event. This type of total musical experience is ideally suited for a variety of gathering spaces. The volume of the music is totally adjustable, louder for larger gatherings, softer, for more intimate occasions.

Bill performs his jazz in many different types of indoor and outdoor event spaces.  Examples of outdoor spaces include gazebos, the squares in Savannah, the beaches and hotels of Hilton Head or Tybee Island, lakeside at Lake Oconee or by the side of the Savannah River.  Just ask him if you have a specific location in mind.  He needs access to only one, ordinary electrical outlet or extension cord outlet. And, if you need more jazz, then think about The American Jazz Combo.

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Whatever your budget, you can have the live jazz you love
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The Music

What people say about Bill Karp....

Bill Karp charges the usual and customary charges for services within your community.  
His fees are reasonable and negotiable, so 
contact him today and inquire.

An example of a "Simple Booking Agreement" can be found at: Weblink: BillKarpJazz Simple Booking Agreement Example

It's multi-generational, multi-cultural jazz

Finally, music that everyone at your event will enjoy.

These days, millennial hipsters and metro-cools call American Jazz "Old School Jazz"