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Date: 02/03/2012
Name: Jeri Parkison
E-mail: jeri@modernbanking.com
Location: USA
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Mags, we used to be email pals a few years back. Just wondering how you are doing.

Date: 01/06/2011
Name: Richard.Ball
E-mail: lancashireartist@yahoo.co.uk
Location: loveclough, Rossendale.
Referred by: me
Comments: Great work. Its amazing how this site has grown. I love Billington.

Date: 09/08/2010
Name: andrew (hicky) hickling
E-mail: hicklingandrew@yahoo.co.uk
Location: sherwood ar usa
Referred by: me
Comments: does anyone have any information in regard to the 'gortons" of billigton. i am trying to find out information about my grandfather bernard gorton. also his brothers george and herbert. i believe their was one more brother. just trying to find out about the brother parents and where they lived before marriage.any help would be appreciated. email me hicklingandrew@yahoo.co.uk

Date: 08/23/2010
Name: Bob Hodgson
E-mail: rjhson@comcast.net
Location: New Hampshire in New England in the USA
Referred by:
Comments: First thanks to you for your useful website. I am a descendant of Edward Wilkinson who is described in the censuses of 1851 and 1861 as a "farmer of 101 acres" in "Lower Elker" Billington. He was born in Whalley abt 1794. His wife is Elizabeth Wilkinson Wilkinson who was born about 1814 in Huncoat. They lived and raised their family in Lower Elker Billington which included their son Esau Wilkinson born7 May 1856. He is my great grandfather. My question is , can anyone tell me anything about this family, where they lived or any references to them that you may know of.? Edward and Elizabeth were married in Langho chapel on 19 May 1844. Any information or suggestions as to where I could learn more about my ancestry would be sincerely appreciated

Date: 08/23/2010
Name: Robert James Hodgson
E-mail: rjhson@comcast.net
Location: Madbury, New Hampshire, USA
Referred by:
Comments: Every day there is more information added to the web that is of great interest to those of us who are seeking their families' history. Your website is one of these and I am grateful for your sharing your knowledge of your area with me. Both of my paternal grandparents came from the Lancashire area. They are HODGSON and WILKINSON. Also SMALLEY and BALMFORTH. I would be pleased hear from any fellow genealogists in your area. Ta

Date: 08/19/2010
Name: Simon Kerins
Location: Whalley
Referred by:
Comments: Great website, Mags & Gail - you've done another super job here!

Date: 08/19/2010
Name: Paul.Simpson.Cryer
E-mail: paulcryer99@hotmail.com
Location: Thailand
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Problems with Net Today, Will Check out Full Info of Website Soon, Ciao,Paul. P.S. ( LEMON Pips? )

Date: 08/19/2010
Name: Rachel O'Sullivan
E-mail: betteralready@googlemail.com
Location: billington
Referred by:
Comments: Great pics!

Date: 08/19/2010
Name: Barry and Marie Howarth,
E-mail: maz.baz101@bigpond.com
Location: Australia
Referred by: Mags
Comments: We just loved it. Very nostalgic

Date: 08/19/2010
Name: David Cawley
Location: Clitheroe
Referred by: Search
Comments: Top job from a top cat

Date: 08/19/2010
Name: carl allen
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Date: 05/31/2010
Name: Anne Harrison
E-mail: annecharrison@fsmail.net
Location: Hampshire
Referred by: Google
Comments: What a wonderful website! As a child who was born and brought up in Whalley during the 50's and 60's it has really taken me down memory lane. Parents, grandparents and Gt-grandparents all had strong connections with the area right up to the present day. It has brought back memories like Suttons icecream, the Easter Fair near what is now Spar, the Nab School and Miss Camm the headmistress, May Queen processions, Brownies and Guides at the village school with Miss Postlethwaite, Sunday school with ?Mr Shaw, dancing classes above what is now Maureen Cooksons. I could go on and on! Keep up the good work

Date: 12/31/2009
Name: Andrew Harper
E-mail: andym146sq@yahoo.co.uk
Location: manchester
Referred by:
Comments: Have been doing my family history and find that my grandmother Mary Whalley was born at Bonny Grass Terace,my gg grandfather was Thomas Whalley who lived at Warwick House. According to family when the house was completed my gg grandfather was presented with a bust sculptored by a local stonenason,Mr Wilson Roberts. It Was sited on the corner of the house just above the garage. Can anyone confirm if the bust is still in place

Date: 07/15/2009
Name: Peter Billington
E-mail: peter.billington@gmail.com
Location: Colorado, USA
Referred by: wikipedia
Comments: I'm interested in Billington, obviously, due to the name. My grandparents came to the US in 1908 from Preston. Wondering if anyone knows the history of Billington and the Billington's. Thanks. Nice pix.

Date: 07/13/2009
Name: Gillian Darbyshire
Referred by:
Comments: Like all the photos they are great x

Date: 05/26/2009
Name: Rod & Kerry Hollick
Location: Whalley
Referred by:
Comments: Visited your site for the very first time this week and found it very interesting and informative. You have answered so many questions regarding our local historical environment which my wife and I have often been interested in. Keep up the good work.

Date: 05/23/2009
Name: hicky
E-mail: hicklingandrew2yahoo.co.uk
Location: little rock usa
Referred by: me
Comments: whalley born and bred. didnt realise id miss the ribble valley like i do untill i lived away. love looking at this web site andrew hickling

Date: 05/04/2009
Name: Louse Douglas
Location: London
Referred by:
Comments: My family come from Billington from way back, the early 1810's. All cotton weavers who eventually migrated to Blackburn. It was lovely looking through the photo's of Billington. It is a beautiful place!

Date: 05/04/2009
Name: Louse Douglas
E-mail: lou.doug@hotmail.co.uk
Location: London
Referred by:
Comments: Forgot to mention that my great great great grandmother was Ellen Ormrod, born in Billington who married John Douglas who was born in Chatburn. They married in 1836. I think in the 1841 John Douglas was in the Preston house of Correction, opps and Ellen was living in Blackburn with the Dewhurst family. They eventually moved to Ainsworth near Bury, still weaving!

Date: 04/28/2009
Name: Lynda
E-mail: lalamarlowe@hotmail.com
Location: South Gloucestershire
Referred by:
Comments: Came upon this website when trying to research my family history my ggg grandfather was Slater Dewhurst from Billington - has anyone any information about the Dewhursts' from Billington that might link to him? Thanks Lynda

Date: 02/23/2009
Name: David Hill
E-mail: davidlhill@talktalk.net
Location: Prudhoe, Northumberland
Referred by:
Comments: I have just discovered that my mother was born in Billington in 1906, the address says Old Roadside. I wonder if anybody remembers this old road, which appears to no longer exist?

Date: 01/14/2009
Name: Dorian lyne
E-mail: dorian.lyne@msn.com
Location: Great Harwood
Referred by:

Date: 09/17/2008
Name: Hellen
E-mail: hmuloli@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Zambia
Referred by: Mags
Comments: There is alot of old uk staff and its good to lean of the past

Date: 08/23/2008
Name: Liz Tait
E-mail: liz.tait@ukonline.co.uk
Location: Berkshire
Referred by:
Comments: It is a great site. Its lovely to view the pictures. I have just found myself as a little girl dancing round the May Pole. I have looked at the site with my mum,Margaret McKelvey nee Robinson aged 82. She recognised lots pf people and places. Both of us were born in Billington. Mum is related to Jim Ellis distantly. Keep up the good work. Liz

Date: 07/08/2008
Name: Anne Theobalds
Location: Whalley
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Excellent. Thank you both very much for all the hard work put in.

Date: 06/20/2008
Name: John Drinkwater
E-mail: greyduster@gmail.com
Location: Alicante, Spain
Referred by: Mr Google
Comments: Excellent page - wish I had found it years ago. I was born and dragged up in Billington, finally living down Neddy Lane in the house that my dad built while he was a joiner at Calderstones. My mum Tabitha was a weaver at Abbey mill, and my uncle Jack was tackler, both of them worked there when the weaving shed was struck by a thunderbolt when I was about 12 or 13 years old. It´s good to see names I recognise from the distant past, and I´m now reaching the stage when my memory needs a jog now and then. Regards to all your readers, especially anyone who remembers me. John Drinkwater

Date: 06/16/2008
Name: Karolyn Eisel
E-mail: karol.ron@bigpond.com
Location: Queensland Australia.
Referred by:
Comments: Hi there, saw your site on Billington and just had to have a look, my great grandparents owned the Cock Inn at Billington, I believe it has been a private residence for about eighty years, would a love a photo of it if you ever come across it, great site, you have done well. Regards, Karolyn.

Date: 06/05/2008
Name: Kate James
E-mail: kate@braddy.eclipse.co.uk
Location: Bradford
Referred by: Mags
Comments: i have not had a real good look round yet,, but i am sure it will be a great site more later,,

Date: 05/13/2008
Name: Darryl Mark Chambers
E-mail: darrylchambers352@hotmail.com
Location: Verona, Italy
Referred by: n.a.
Comments: I was born 1958 when we lived at 18 Whalley Old Road, then we lived at Meadow Clough, Painter Wood till c.1966

Date: 05/06/2008
Name: Vera A Phillips
E-mail: VeraAPhillips@aol.com
Location: Lancashire
Referred by:
Comments: Interesting site-great potential. I have strong links with the area through my mum’s family the Ratcliffes of Snodworth Love the old photos of St Leonard’s school-mum must be on there somewhere but haven’t made a firm sighting yet Anyone connected to the Ratcliffes please feel free to contact me

Date: 05/05/2008
Name: Pat Somerset
E-mail: tesremos@tiscali.co.uk
Location: Somerset
Referred by:
Comments: My mum was originally from Whalley, Elsie Crook, she had 2 brothers, Jack and Ernie, and 1 sister, Dorothy.Her dad was Jeremiah and he worked at Calderstones, her mum was Pamela, they lived at 13 The Crescent. I spent many happy holidays in Whalley, have recently been again, stayed in Wiswell, bit of a family pilgrimage, mum died last September, in London, and remaining brother Jack died this March, so it was a sad visit, but so enjoyable as well, brought back so many memories. I wonder if any one would know of my family?

Date: 02/12/2008
Name: Graham Whiteoak
E-mail: graham@jalna-upbrooks.fsnet.co.uk
Location: Clitheroe
Referred by:
Comments: Keep up the good work girls, love G xx

Date: 02/11/2008
E-mail: actual_idiot@hotmail.co.uk
Location: Basingstoke
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Really like the website. For someone who has never been there, looks like a friendly place and people.

Date: 01/01/2008
Name: Bryan Eatough
E-mail: Bryan@eatough.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Lancashire
Referred by: Harodgen
Comments: Great idea and site, My family date back from the Whalley - Billington - Langho area before the 1700s. I am atempting a one name study about the Eatough's so if anyone has any information - no matter what I would love to hear from you. Again thanks for your hard work !! Bryan

Date: 07/23/2007
Name: Lilian Hargreaves
E-mail: lilian.hargreaves@onlineuk.co.uk
Location: Langho
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Very impressed with your website. Congratulations.... a lot of work has gone into it.

Date: 07/17/2007
Name: Daniel Snape
E-mail: snape_daniel@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Clitheroe
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Hi mags and all who have worked on this website you have done a good job on it keep it up

Date: 07/08/2007
Name: Edith
Location: Billington, Lancs
Referred by: Mags
Comments: I like your website and it brought back happy memories.

Date: 06/24/2007
Name: Barbara
E-mail: barbara.youds@ntlworld.com
Location: Great Harwood, Lancs
Referred by: Search Engine
Comments: I am just over the border from Billington in Great Harwood and my Dobson family lived in Billington in the 1850s. They were listed as living at ‘Barracks’ – do you know anything about this place and why it was so named? It has been suggested to me that it could date from the Civil War. An internet buddy and I have set up a website for family history of Great Harwood and surrounding areas – www.arrodgen.org , with an associated yahoo discussion group – we do accept folk from over the borders :~) , as we find that our families did move around between the towns a lot, intermarrying etc, so if you don’t mind I will put a link to your site in our files.

Date: 06/20/2007
Name: Linden Sharp
E-mail: lindensharp@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Northern Ireland
Referred by:
Comments: Do you have space for Family History ? My grandmother , Lucy Standen , had great grandparents originating in Whalley . I'm interested in finding out about them and about the Roman Catholic history of the area . Until I started to look for my ancestors I'd not heard about Lancashire catholics and I wondered whether there are any local stories about their history , maybe even back to Tudor times .

Date: 05/19/2007
Name: Valerie
E-mail: idahogem2u@msn.com
Location: Nampa, Idaho USA
Referred by:
Comments: Thank you for sharing the wonderful web site. It is amazing and I will continue to return to be sure I see it all. Absolutely wonderful

Date: 05/15/2007
Location: Pennslyvania, U.S.A.
Referred by: Google Seach Engine
Comments: We both lived in Whalley moved out here 15 years ago. Love the website especially the photos gives us memories! Keep it up will save this in my favourites and come back again.

Date: 12/10/2006
Name: larry whalley- jo-anne whalley
E-mail: wemnant@sympatico.ca
Location: niagara on the lake ontario canada
Referred by:

Date: 11/04/2006
Name: claire nicholas
Location: billington
Referred by: mags
Comments: I live in Billington just wanted to say your website is really good and I really enjoyed looking at it.

Date: 10/17/2006
Name: Angie
Location: South Africa, originally from Billington
Referred by: Google Search Engine
Comments: Lived in South Africa for the past 30 years but grew up in Billington, great to see a website on where I grew up also be nice to see what shops are in Whalley/Billington now. Keep up the good work it is fantastic. Pictures are great!

Date: 10/08/2006
E-mail: philmaple@talktalk.net
Referred by: google search
Comments: HIYA I was born in Billington and lived in the village till 1965 on joining the army,has any one any idea where Les Hill lives? Ive not seen him in years I'd appreciate his phone number I often pop back to the band clubwhen visiting relatives its like stepping back in time, everybody has grown into their parents haa haa love your site keep it up luv philxx

Date: 09/27/2006
Name: Barbara Bradshaw
E-mail: barbara_bradshaw@lineone.net
Referred by:
Comments: brilliant web site Mags you've done really well.thanks for all your contributions to making my life a lot better, you do make me laugh.Fred aiso sends his ''thank - you'' well done. love Barbara xxxxxxxxxxx

Date: 09/25/2006
Name: Dave and Yvonne Barker
E-mail: summerhill4@supanet.com
Location: Wakefield
Referred by: Dave and Gail

Date: 09/24/2006
Name: Ernest Whiteoak
E-mail: ernie@chapelrise20.fsnet.co.uk
Location: Billington Lancs,
Referred by: Mags
Comments: Very good coverage of local history and current news.

Date: 09/24/2006
Name: Carol Condon
E-mail: Cac100347@aol.com
Location: London
Referred by: Mags

Date: 06/13/2006
Name: Sally, Jack & Family
Location: Sunderland, North East England
Referred by: Family in Whalley
Comments: Hi, great website seems a nice place to live, last time I visited I was only 6 years old. Keep up the good work, heard a lot about Pickwick Night too.

Date: 06/10/2006
Name: doris galley
E-mail: dorisnbill@hotmail.com
Location: Sunderland
Referred by: mags
Comments: very good

Date: 06/08/2006
Name: Neil Gibson
E-mail: Gbsraym@aol.com
Location: Billington
Referred by: Mags
Comments: I find the website absolutely great. I hope that it grows in size and the photographs become more numerous. Overall ---- WELL DONE!

Date: 05/09/2006
Name: Jack
E-mail: Jckwhalley@yahoo,com
Location: South Africa
Referred by: Elsie from Whalley
Comments: I grew up in Whalley and left in 1958 to live in South Africa. Nice to see your website, I am coming over in September to visit my Mum. Keep up the good work and see you when I visit.

Date: 04/20/2006
Name: Lynsey & Jim
Location: Whalley, Lancashire
Referred by: Google Search Engine
Comments: Fantastic website that you are both doing.. You must be both proud of yourselves.. Keep up the good work and I will pass this round the village.

Date: 04/17/2006
Name: Elsie
Location: Whalley
Referred by: Mags
Comments: I am over 90 years old and I have lived in Whalley all my life. Mags sent me the link to your website. I have passed this on to family in Australia & South Africa, so they can see where I live and how great it is. Keep up the good work Mags & Gail. Proud of you both. Love Elsie x

Date: 04/13/2006
Name: John Billington
E-mail: john.billington@yahoo.com
Location: Boise Idaho USA
Referred by: Google
Comments: Father Robert James Billington born in Hoboken New Jersey 1920 Grandfather George Billington born 1854 England

Date: 03/20/2006
Name: Eileen Twist
Location: Billington, Lancs, UK
Referred by: Mags & Gail
Comments: Hi you two. website is very good. Keep up the good work. Love Mum/Eileen x

Date: 03/13/2006
Name: Sue
E-mail: poppybea@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Near the Judge
Referred by: Mags & Gail
Comments: Great website you are both working very hard!! Keep up the good work.. See you at the Judge for drinks!!