Lancashire Dialect


AH'M AFEART - I'm afraid.

BALLY ANN - A meal put together from whatever is available, as in "It's a bally ann meal today.

BEAWT - Without.

BELLIN - To cry out or make a great deal of noise.

BIDDING - An invitation to a funeral.

BLETHER HEAD - Someone who talks nonsense.

BOBBER - A man who woke up workers before clocks were common possessions. They would carry long poles to tap on bedroom windows or lightly on the head of a sleeper in Church.

BOGGART - A ghost or spirit.

BROW - A slight hill, bank or slope.

BREW - A cup of tea.

CHAMPION - Grand, Excellent.

CHITTY - Young girl or lass.

CHUNNER - To mutter.

CLAGGY - Sticky as in dough that is too wet. Humid Weather can also be described as claggy.

CLOUGH - Steep sided valley.

COW SLAVVER - Cow dung. Slavver also means to slobber or dribble.

CRATCHY - Irritable, bad tempered.

DELPH - Quarry.

DIP - Sauce or syrup - sometimes fat from the frying pan after cooking.

EAWL-LEET - Twilight or dusk (from 'owl light').

FAGGOT - Derogatory term for a woman, as in "th'owd faggot" (the old woman).

FAIR - Completely, as in "Ah'm fair worn out".

FETTLE - To repair or mend. Sometimes used to indicate a good state of repair or excellent condition as in "it were in fine fettle".

FLECK OR FLECKY - A flea, flea-bitten.

GILL - Old measure of liquid, as in "Wil't 'ave a gill wi' me?" (Will you have a drink with me?).

HIPPINS - Babies nappies.

JESSY - A cissy, soft.

CACK-HANDED - Left handed.

KEKS - Trousers.

LIKELY - Handsome, as in "A likely lad".

LURRY - Lorry or Wagon.

MASH - A weaving term for bad work or a messy job.

MAWKIN - Dirty, slovenly or shabby.

MOTTY - A small sum of money.

MUN - Must do.

NESH - Feeble, weak or soft.

NOBBUT - As in "Th'art nobbut a slip of a lass" (You are no more than a little girl).

NOWT - Nothing.

NOWTY - Bad tempered, irritable.

OWT - Anything.

PERISH - Freeze.

PETTY - Outdoor toilet.

PISSABED - Dandelion, supposedly caused children to wet the bed.


POP SHOP - Pawnbroker.

PUT WOOD I' TH' OIL - Close the door.

REASTY - Rotten, rancid - usually food.

SEG - A callous or a corn, usually hard skin on the hand or foot.

SEN - Self, as in "Do it yoursen" (Do it yourself).

SENNIT - A week. Also FORTNIT for a fortnight (two weeks).

SITHEE - See you.


STARVED - Frozen with cold.

STRAP - Credit, hence "On the strap" (bought on credit).

TATER 'ASH - Potato Hash, a local dish of corned beef and mashed potato.

TOSSPOT - Drunk or rowdy.

WARK - Ache, as in "belly-wark" (stomach ache).

WELLY - Almost or nearly.

WOVEN MI' PIECE - Reached the end, come to the end of life (I am ready to die).

YAMMER - To yearn, long for.