Billington Hermitage

In 1308 there was a hermitage in Billington. Hermits were of the early Christian Church, part of a movement lead by Saint Anthony of Egypt.

Hermits spent much of their time praying, fasting and working on the land.

There has been much speculation about the site of the hermitage in Billington over the years, for it was a document of 1308 from Adam de Huddleston granting to the monks of Whalley land by the north side of the Nab. It has been suggested that the hermit may have lived in a cave on the north end of Whalley Nab looking across the Calder.

Another reference to the hermitage states that William of Wygan, a hermit, lived in the area in 1353.

It seems that the hermitage had a relatively short life, perhaps due to the Black Death in the late 14th century.