Today is the day!!!!! It's tryout time!!!!! 
3:45-8/8:30 at Ben Steele Middle School!

Please park in the south parking lot.  The south facing door will be used to enter.  Thanks!

We look forward to seeing everyone at 

tryouts on May 14th and 15th for the 2018-

2019 season! Tryouts will be held at Ben

 Steele Middle School.  Please complete all  

tryout resources by the start of tryouts on 



Tryouts will be broken into three mandatory 

sessions throughout the two days, followed 

by tryouts the evening of May 15th. 

Session #1 Monday May 14th 3:30-5:30

(15 minute break)

Session #2 Monday May 14th 5:45 - 8:00

Session #3 Tuesday May 15th 3:45-5:30

 (30 minutes break)

Tryout- Tuesday May 15th 6-8:30

Please click the tryout resources page to begin the application process. (Back handsprings are NOT mandatory)

Contact Information:
BWHS Cheerleaders are coached by Piper Stanaway. For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the West High Cheerleading Coach Piper Stanaway, at stanawayp@billingsschools.org.

 Cheer Team


Junior Varsity