The intention of this site is to pull together the different strands of my professional history and integrating them with some 'blue sky' elements that are more driven from personal interests. With some good planning and a bit of good fortune, I hope that I can integrate some futuristic elements into my professional pathway, maybe providing a lead for others if that assists.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' page is my vehicle for unloading my most current reflections - I borrow from Google+ communities, professional reading and elsewhere. 

I wrote the  pages on School Circles, Undercover Teams and the Restorative Practices many years ago - they were written in a blog format and look a bit dated but they still get lots of visits.
The School Circles document in particular hit a chord with many - it has been used by school clusters in Australia and as a nominated reference doc for RTLBs in NZ.

The pages on eLearning and Mind Management are much more recent creations and are likely to get ongoing care and attention. 

I hope you enjoy .....

" Always in search of Wisdom and Intelligence 
- not necessarily the same things"

First of all, I consider myself an educator - my educational philosophy (written 2010) is below:

Find Me:
For the balance of 2016 and most of 2017,  I will be working at University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership, on an Aitken Fellowship. This will be a great chance to work with leadership experts and hone my skills.

Between 2000 and 2016,  I have worked at Rosehill College in Papakura, Auckland, NZ - for the first 9 years as Head of Guidance and then as a Deputy Principal since then.

We have a proud tradition of innovation and openness - come and visit some time ...

Rosehill College