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A Sanders Democrat: Strength Through Diversity

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Vote William ‘Bill’ Hibler, Democrat for US Congress, Aug. 18


Motivated by the need to move the Democratic Party to the center and provide a sane rational Alaskan Voice in Congress I am running as a ‘Harry Truman Democrat’ to represent Alaska in the United States House of Representatives.


There are several obvious questions currently facing the World and the United States including Alaska. First, will the Coronavirus transfer the US’s and other Democracies’ hegemony over world order to the dictatorial Chinese. Second, will man-made climate change render the world effectively unlivable in an energy dependent society.  Thirdly, will racial inequality sink the US in a sea of unrest without bipartisan enactment of needed change.


I. We need Bipartisanship


While not dealing well with these issues President Trump could have been a reasonably effective president had the Democrats and their press allies chosen to work with him rather than be sore losers. Although Trump’s damnable tweets are irresponsible, the bias in the Democratic leaning liberal press and media is unprecedented. Press bias and Trump’s bombastic rhetoric and behavior has led to an extreme polarization in Society.


The principal issue is what is the Truth. When I was on the faculty at Dartmouth College we adopted by 52% to 48% an interdisciplinary course requirement for graduation based on the reality that reasonable people disagree on what the truth is. Academics understand this reality; the press doesn’t.


Against this backdrop, the recent PBS “Created Equal” special on Supreme Court Justice Thomas is an example of how a dirt poor, but articulate and capable young black Democrat lost faith in the party and was largely demonized by Democratic Liberals. Thomas well describes the essence of racial inequality when he asserts that while all men (black, white, native…) are created equal, the reality is that to be taken seriously a black person must typically outperform an equal white person. 


To center the Democratic party from the extreme left and right, perhaps it’s time we brought back Harry Truman Democrats. Truman, for example, integrated the Armed Forces reversing years of segregation created by a racist Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Truman also cleaned up the Postwar Mess Roosevelt made of World War II with his attempts to work with Stalin and later nixed General MacArthur’s plan to nuke Korea. Yes, we need a revolution. But it must be a bipartisan revolution with Democrats and Republicans working together. 


II We Need a Change in Washington


As reprehensible as Trump’s behavior has been, it is certainly arguable that Democratic behavior in Congress has been equally sophomoric. The most egregious example is the unnecessary partisan impeachment of a highly controversial, but nevertheless duly Elected President. In the fall of 2019 Speaker Pelosi simply announced without a vote that President Trump “had betrayed his oath of office”. Using secret hearings with convenient leaks to a compliant press by the slick Alan Schiff, Pelosi easily rammed through impeachment articles in the House with no Republican votes.


This extreme partisan behavior by Democrats in the US House of Representatives is not acceptable.  Since Don Young has effectively done nothing over the last ten years it is likely that whoever wins the Democratic Primary on August 18 will be the next Congressperson from Alaska. 


I believe the winner should go to Washington and work in a bipartisan manner to move the Country forward. This will likely require helping Pelosi to an honorable retirement from Speaker; or failing at that caucusing with Republicans who currently appear more sensible than House Democrats. Based on my experience in Academia and Government I feel qualified to carry out this necessary mission to Washington DC on behalf of the Great State of Alaska.  To help me do this please contribute to my campaign via the Act Blue Link (coming soon to this website) or by mail as described in the below campaign card. No contribution is too small.


William ‘Bill’ Hibler

Democrat for United States Congress

Emeritus Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Please Vote August 18 in the Alaska Primary

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