KSLI Memorabilia: 1939 - 2008

This website is dedicated to those who served at any time in our famous Regiment during its long history.  Webmaster William (Bill) Griffiths WO2, KSLI from 1946, invites your participation with stories and photos.


Bill 4th from right in group photo (above right and also left) revisiting Hill 416 Korea 2001 and also in photo to high lhs above showing Ollie Oliver (left) and Ken Brown (centre). Also above in the lower rank:  The 2007 Poppy Ceremony at Eardisley attended by members of the Korean Vets Association and Family friends.






Above: The Barracks, Copthorne circa 1948

We extend an open invitation to all KSLI former OR's, NCO's and Officers to forward contributions by way of memoirs, diary entries, anecdotes, photos and captions to mark and capture more of the unrevealed unique personal histories from as far back in time as a living former KSLI soldier can recall.   Our sister sites at British Light Infantry offer greater historical depth for KSLI researchers, back to the very origins of our fine Regiment.


Family members of former KSLI soldiers who have passed on are also cordially invited to subscribe memorabilia.  Entries will be sequential in order of receipt and not date listed, to encourage browsing.  However, contributors names will be alphabetically listed. The subject matter is open and may for example relate to past and present experiences, to include details of a soldier's life journey from a theatre of war to a backyard cabbage patch with (maybe) a clean golf story in between! 

KSLI BLOG PAGE A dedicated Blog site forming part of The British Army's Most Wanted list.  Post a comment to start a thread of conversation on a topic that has appeal for you - or join in with an existing thread.  The current topic is proper recognition (now partly achieved) of Lt. Col. Cuthbert Brooke-Smith, C.O. 1KSLI 1954 - 1955 tragically killed in an ambush in Kenya on 18th July 1955.  We invite your participation and support to repatriate the C.O.s remains to their rightful place in England, with full Military Honours.

STOP PRESSReaders of this site will be aware of the editorial focus on Lt.Col. 'Tupper' Brooke-Smith and the seeming disgraceful posthumous treatment meted out to his memory by various 'responsible' (?) authorities, including MOD.  Our recent Message Board posting to the British LI website (hotlink) spells out the related interests and we shall welcome your additional remarks to swell the appeal to repatriate Sunray to England where he belongs, not left in some unkempt derelict plot in Nairobi.


How many Hercule Poirots out there?  Tommy could (possibly) have been KSLI, sent out by Monty in September 1944.  Help needed!

 A posse ad esse - from possibility to actuality

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"They shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning
We will remember them."

Ode from 'For the Fallen' 

by English poet and writer Laurence Binyon


S.H.C. Axe (Cpl) KIA Korea 1951, F.W. Bartlett (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, L. Brickwood (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, Cuthbert Brooke-Smith (Lt Col) KIA Kenya 1955, A.E. Byrne (Pte) KIA Korea 1951,  G. Clark (Pte) att Royal Ulster Rifles, KIA Korea 1951, H.E. Clifton (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, C.W.L. Cox (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951, R.W. Cridland (Pte) KIA Korea 1951,  T.W.A. Davey (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, P.J. Davis (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, Ken DeLooze 2005, J.H. Eadsforth (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, D.N. Fellows (Cpl) KIA Korea 1951, W.F.A. Ford (Pte) att Leicestershires, KIA Korea 1951, D.A. Fisher (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951, W.F.A. Ford (Pte) att Leicestershires, KIA Korea 1951, D.A. Fisher (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951, F.W. Holder (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, M.J. Hall (Pte) att Royal Ulster Rifles, KIA Korea 1951, L. Hopson (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, E.M. Halligan (L/Cpl) KIA Korea 1951, W. Hanlon (L/Cpl) KIA Korea 1951,  A.M. Ireland (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1950, D. Jones (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, L. Jackson (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951, P.D. Jones (L/Cpl) KIA Korea 1951, G.R. Land (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, J.W.H. Lanyon (Lt) KIA Korea 1952, R. Leggett (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, R.C. Lewis (Cpl) KIA Korea 1952, R. Luckhurst (Pte) KIA Korea 1952, G.R. Lye (Pte) KIA Korea 1951,  J.A. Munday (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, G. Minton (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951,  E. Miller (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, Sir Geoffrey R.D. Musson (General) 2008, J.J. Oates (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951,  A.G. Pack (Lt) KIA Korea 1952, J. Pinkerton (Cpl) KIA Korea 1951, D.P. Pitt (Pte) att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951, J.D. Price (Pte) MIA Korea 1951,  R.J.S. Pring (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, R.W.D. Punyer (Pte) KIA Korea 1952, John Reed 2008, H.F. Richards (Sgnt) MM, att Buffs Regiment, KIA Korea 1952, E.G. Rundle (Pte) KIA Korea 1952, K.A. Richardson (Cpl) KIA Korea 1952, M. Ritterband (Cpl) KIA Korea 1952, T. Sheldrake (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, G. Shiell (Pte) KIA Korea 1952, B. Sibley (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, V.R. Sivill (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, J. Smiles (Pte) KIA Korea 1952, Bill Smith 2007, J. Splevins (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, M.L. Stephens (Pte) MIA Korea 1951,  Strathie (Pte) att Essex Regiment, KIA Korea 1951, J.B. Straughan (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, P.A. St. Clair-Morford (2Lt) MIA Korea 1952,  D. Sumner (Pte), att Middlesex Regiment, KIA Korea 1952,  A.R. Taitt (Major) KIA Korea 1951, P.M. Triggs (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, L.R. Turnbull (Pte) KIA Korea 1951,  E. Walker (Pte) KIA Korea 1952, D. Wells (Pte) KIA Korea 1951, A. Wilson (Sgnt) KIA Korea 1951, George A Yapp (L/Cpl) KIA Korea 1951, W. Young (Pte) KIA Korea 1951,


(Photo Left ): The open gates of Copthorne Barracks, Shrewsbury Shropshire, the Regimental Home to the KSLI and the first view that many a young soldier joining this famous Regiment saw for the first time. We publish also a number of other web and blog sites that relate to KSLI, Light Infantry & Bill Griffiths interests.  The following hotlinks will take you there and your contributions are welcomed in the interests of Regimental history.  



TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TO THIS SITE: Simply email the Editor by clicking this bolded underlined hotlink and forwarding  comments and any .jpeg files of any photographs with captions that include dates, places and names.  We can restore most old and tired b/w and colour photos to good tonal quality and also repair some partial damage.  35mm slides can also be scanned but will require shipping to editor in Australia.  They'll be safe, we don't rely on ponies any longer and we promise to ship 'em back within just a few days at our expense!


What more fitting for a first contribution to this site than this photograph of a wonderful couple celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday 22nd September 2007.  Congratulations Bill and Nancy Griffiths for being the wonderful couple that you are.  Your shining example of love and support are a model for us all to follow.  Let's see if your example can be bested (in terms of years) by other KSLI couples.  This entry (by editor) is a prime example of the style of contributions that will be welcomed (despite any modest protestations that Bill and Nancy might have).  So, you "Old KSLI Soldiers" - GOYA (Get Off Your Al-bums) - and contact us to keep the memory alive.  (Photo above right) Bill and Nancy's Wedding Day in Hong Kong 1952 - part of the Archie Moulds collection that follows. Click to enlarge photo.  Piano arrangement written by Bill for Nancy in 1950 at the China Fleet Club in Hong Kong. 04_Track_4My_Own_True_Love.wma


Private Arthur (Nick) Carter served in the KSLI for 50 years from 1901-1951. He saw active service during the Boer War in South Africa and also in France during the First World War. On his left arm he is wearing ten good conduct stripes, the most ever awarded to anyone in the British Army. When he was discharged in 1951 he was the oldest serving soldier and had remained a private soldier from his own choice. Talking to Private Carter is the Earl of Povis, who was Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire. To his left is Major General Grover, and on the far right is Lt. Col. Shaw-Ball. After Private Carter was discharged, he lived in a rented room opposite his old Barracks.


  The Bill Griffiths' photo memorabilia collection - always under construction with fresh material added daily.

 Above 1KSLI receiving Freedom of the City of Hereford in 1952.  Were you there? If so email us with details and more photos.  Your help in identifying faces will be appreciated.

(Above upper left) KSLI Old Colours being paraded on the Castle Green Hereford Freedom of City Parade (1952).  (Above upper right) KSLI Old Colours being paraded at Goettingen BAOR October 1954. (Above right) Parade at Goettingen October 1954.  (Above left) KSLI Sergeant's Mess 1953 on presentation of new Colours at BAOR Goettingen, Germany, by General Sir John Harding, seated beside the CO, Col P de C Jones. The Regiment was later posted to Kenya, under the command of Lt. Col. Cuthbert Brooke-Smith.  Photo supplied in July 2007 by WO2 Bill Griffiths (2nd from right in rear rank).


(Left) KSLI Korean Vets Association of Hereford, November 8th 2006. Left is Ken Hyde ex DCLI, next to him is George Ayers ex Middlessex Regt. Obscured rear left is Phillip Jenkins ex KSLI. Far right Lt Col (Retd) Benny Goodman OBE, MBE ex Royal Signals, Bill Griffiths is 2nd from right.  2 others to be ID'd by Bill.  (Right) BKVA Hereford Branch New Standard. Dedicated on Sunday June 10th 2007 at St Peters Church Hereford. (L to R) Lt Col Benny Goodman, OBE, MBE, (Branch Chairman), John Norman MM, (Standard Bearer), Bill Griffiths (Branch Vice President). (Below centre & right) Branch Members in attendance. (Below left) Fred Pocknell 2007.  See more of Fred in Archie Moulds' collection.


(Above right) Sgnts Mess Goettingen, Germany 1953.  Bill Griffiths left front standing, at 22 years of age.  (Above left) Sgnts Mess 33rd General Hospital Kowloon Hong Kong, 1955. Bill Griffiths lhs centre rank. (Below right) Sgnts Mess 11 Independent Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, Terendak Camp Malacca Malaysia 1953, Bill Griffiths lhs rear rank. (Below left) Sgnts Mess 1 Glosters, Berlin 1968.  Bill Griffiths extreme left. Click to enlarge in a new window.

(Above left) RAPC School of Instruction, Winchester. S/Sgnt training course 1965.  Bill Griffiths rhs seated front row.  Maybe other viewers can identify themselves and contact us.  (Above centre) Ambassador for Peace Medal Presentation, Seoul 2001.  (Above right) I think that we require an explanation Sgnt Major!

"War Buddies meet again after more than 50 years."  Quote from Hereford local news:  Photo Left: Taken June 2005, left to right John Byfield, Fred Pocknell, Geoff Collins, Bill Griffiths, Ken DeLooze (RIP), Cecil Goode.





Bill Griffiths placing a Poppy cross on the grave of Lt J.W.H. Lanyon on behalf of his brother Bob Griffiths, in the Military cemetery in Pusan in 2003 during a re-visit.  Lt Lanyon was brother Bob's platoon commander, and was killed by a shell when he was packing his gear to leave the area. 

Lt J.W.H. Lanyon KIA Korea 1952

Photo left:  Australian Diggers at FanLing 1951 en route to Korea. Where are they now in 2007 - anyone recognise himself or a former Old Mate.  Your help with an ID for a face will be appreciated.  Photo right:  Bill and Nancy Griffiths and long time friends enjoying a Sunday lunchtime soiree at a local Hereford Pub.  Merry Christmas Bill and Nancy.


NEW!:  Source is Bert Davey: Below: 9 Pltn 'C' Coy KSLI taken at San Wai prior to departure for Korea. My brother Tom is in 2nd row, 3rd from left. Privates Miller and Clifton died in the same action as my brother on 1st June 1951. They may well be in this photo.  Lower below:  Another unidentified photo of KSLI Officers circa 1951 from the Tom Davey collection sent in by Tom's brother Bert Davey and another showing Len Brown.

Above left: RSM Rocky Knight, Lt Col Shaw-Ball, C/Sgt Gus Hill.  Above right: Len Brown, in Korea 1952


2 Photos below from Jon Reed, KSLI 1950 - 1952, DCLI TA: Location probably Fan Ling before Korea


A story of dedication that is an example of the fine humanitarian spirit of Frank Leigh

The source material is a printed magazine page that has been enhanced as far as is possible.  Open in a separate window to read the fine print.  The webmaster is attempting contact with Frank to develop the story.  We have additional material from Frank that is being processed.  Please re-visit this section soon.


2 photos below from John Rees (L/Cpl 1964) whose service took him with 3LI on their first tour in Belfast having been recalled to them from detachment. He formerly served with the Durhams as DLI and with their re-incarnation as 4LI

(Above right) Junior NCOs with 2 Officers and RSM (Walter Griffiths  1923-1933) at the Depot and (above left) Senior NCOs with the identical Officers and RSM. Both pictures must have been taken at the same time, in front of the Officer's Mess at Copthorne Barracks and from my father's service must date from 1930-32. Lt. V.W. Rees is the young lieutenant in the front row.  In May or June 1933 he transferred to the Royal Army Pay Corps and retired from the Pay Corps as Brigadier V.W. Rees, OBE.  Below are pages from the Amalgamation Parade 12th June 1948, contributed by John Rees.  Open photos and illustrations in a separate window.


6 Photos below from Bill Donnelly

Below left: D Company 4KSLI TA Norfolk 1955 - from L-R - #5 Tony Barlow RIP, #8 Roy Bebbington, #9 Charles Birch, #10 Bill Donnelly, # 11 Cyril Evans RIP. Below right: Bill Thelwell and Bill Donnelly, Kowloon 1950. Below lower right: Chan, Bill Donnelly, Jim Stainings

  Above centre: Bill Donnelly, Christmas 1950 Fanling, above left: Open Shop Fanling 1950

 Bill Donnelly, 3rd from left middle row. Borden Training Platoon 1949.

Above: From Bill Donnelly - Aussies at Fan Ling 1951: Bottom right hand corner Sam Boyier, just above to his left in white vest Tim O'Leiry, third up on the right is myself very top right Chan Chandeler on left hand side half way up in the bush hat Gabby Edwards. Did not know any of the Aussies .


(Photo above from Hugh Shields) New Territories, Kowloon, undated:

Left to right: Sgt 'Cush' Cooper, RSM 'Rocky' Knight, Capt Delme Murray, Major Hardy, 2lt. Chambers, CSM Ford.



A memorial website published by Clive Yapp in honour of his father L/Cpl George Yapp KIA Korea 1951

Above left: Guardroom "Sek Kong" above centre, George Yapp, above right "Xmas Day" below left: "Star Turns', below centre "Sports 1949", below right "Happy Crew"

6 Photos above taken with permission from the George Yapp Collection



Photo left: From Hugh Shields.  Sek Kong camp 1952 taken from a nearby hill.



Photo above January 1954: From John J Goddard, Bugler 1DCLI

John completed his basic training at Copthorne Barracks 1KSLI after recruitment in Nov 1953 and from there to 1DCLI Jamaica on board the Empire Clyde in February 1954 from Liverpool.  John's Memoirs  (hotlink) are published separately


The Archie Moulds 1KSLI photographic memorabilia collection - under construction


(Photo left) Cpl Arthur "Archie" Moulds #4042838 1KSLI. 1946-1957: Copthorne Barracks, Kneller Hall, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Germany, Kenya:  A Northern Army Group PR photograph, somewhere in Germany, dated 31st May 1954.  See the Bill Griffiths Memoirs to learn more of Archie's escapades with Bill - both as  Band Boys at Copthorne and Kneller Hall.  Archie served with the North Rhodesia Police from 1960 - 1969, then to Nth Ireland, then to Sydney Australia.  Moved to New Zealand in 1973 to Waimaku Auckland, now lives in the Bay of Plenty with wife Aileen. 

Picture numbered #8 (above right) is entitled "Xmas Day San Wai 1950" featuring Archie in leopard skin, placard reads 'Georgie and his Heyseeds". George Hey being the BandMaster, Bill Griffiths sporting the bowtie moustache. (Above centre) left to right: Bill Griffiths, John Byfield, Ken Delooze with Jack Waring in front. Jack was Padre to the British Korean Veterans Association until a few years ago.


Front row kneeling left to right: Ken Williams, Jack Waring, L/Cpl Bill Griffiths, Fred Pocknell. Centre row left to right: 'Sparkler' Davies, L/Cpl Des Lawrence, L/Cpl 'Quacker' Donald. Stan Barrett, Bob West, Cecil Goode, Band Sgnt Kelly, Piggy Horton, Geoff Collins, Paul Collett, Cpl Bert Woolat, L/Cpl Joe Graham. Back Row left to right: Bill Smith, Joe Robinson, Titch Horton, Ken DeLooze, Peter McKenzie, 'Taffy' ?, John Byfield, Archie Moulds. Date is about March/April 1950 in Hong Kong.  The Governor's residence in the background.  Above right: Archie Moulds - location and date to be advised. 

(Above left) An unusual gathering of only the Brass!! location and date unknown so far. Jack Waring centre, Bob West behind, Bunny Harrison to Bob's right, behind Bunny is Peter McKenzie and Stan Jones, others unknown. Choir photo unknown details, players left to right, Bob West, Bill Griffiths, Archie Moulds.  (Below left) HMS Birmingham, possibly Suez Canal.

 Centre above: Bill Donnelly has id' Cpl Ginger Westall next to Archie with the camera and Green and Adams to rhs.

(Above left) Dance Band Practice in our 'Basha' (Centre) 'Kim' our little orphaned Korean. Left to right are Bob West, Bill Griffiths, Jack Waring, John Byfield, Fred Pocknell. (Right) Waiting for the billy to boil, somewhere north of the Imjim River


Above left: Sek Kong, Kowloon 1950. Foreground are Tommy Langford, Johnson, Geoff Collins,


The 44 photographs above are initial selections from the Archie Moulds' large collection on loan to the Editor for eventual captioning and publication.  Archie and editor met in Te Anau NZ, earlier in February 2007 after an introduction from Bill Griffiths that extended across the globe - over 61 years of old - and new - LI mateship.  All we need now are some accurate ID's of the many other KSLI lads in the photos, with dates and places.  So 1KSLI - GOYA - and reflect the glorious past!  Most photos will enlarge and open in another window when clicked.


Here's a challenge to KSLI Historians.  The photo left is taken of a pen and ink drawing recovered from the estate of Henry "Harry" Peters (originally from Heligoland), who served with the DCLI around 1878 and turned up in Bermuda around 1888 where he lived and died and left a family; one of the successors of which now lives in Brisbane Australia and are contactable via the Editor of this website.  Artist's signature cropped and enlarged with unknown hieroglyphics appears above.  Close examination of the battle flag shows an omission (apparently) of the 'last battle honour'.  Whether deliberate or not, due to the initial time window and the original used for the reproduction - is one of the questions.  Any helpful suggestions and comments will be appreciated.  Click the image to open in a larger window.


1KSLI sailed from Liverpool to Kilindini Docks, Mombasa, Kenya in May 1955, on the the troopship "Empire Halladale", pictured left by courtesy of the webmaster at "Troopships" , with Lt. Col. Cuthbert Brooke-Smith, the C.O. on board having been farewelled by his family. This website has an interest specifically in tracing the military service history of Lt. Col Cuthbert Brooke-Smith who was tragically killed in July 1955 in the Aberdare forests while entering a KSLI ambush zone.  He is interred in a civilian cemetery in Nairobi, where it is reported by Bruce Brooke-Smith, the grave site is in poor condition.  We shall welcome more information on the Lt. Col. as this editor believes that far too little is recorded about him, the only exception discovered so far is a mention on the bermuda-online website in reference to his lone posting as GSO2 to The Governor of Bermuda in 1949/1950 - 1952.  CBS had married Joyce Arnell, a Bermudian some 5 or 6 years earlier.  They had 3 children Bruce , Robin and Philippa (RIP), remembered by our Bermuda webmaster associate from his childhood days. A number of former KSLI soldiers and one Officer are in contact with the editor assisting in the compilation of the CBS story, as indeed is Bruce Brooke-Smith in Truro Cornwall.  The Lt. Col's name is inscribed on the War Memorial at Church Stretton in Shropshire.  Our thanks to the Webmaster at bermuda-online for permission to link.  We shall welcome contact with any former KSLI trooper with Kenyan service in the normal development of KSLI history to be portrayed on this site, especially where pictorial records show military activity concerning CBS.  Editor will receive JPEG files. Substantial developments in the CBS historical tracing include questions by the Bermuda webmaster to the National Memorial Arboretum via the Church Stretton Town Council over the omission of the Lt. Col. from the list. {Lt. Col. Cuthbert Brooke-Smith, 10th August 1915 - 18th July 1955, Royal Military College, Woolwich, Staff College, Camberley}


A Memoir from George Pollock MD FFPHM (Capt RAMC, 1955-1957), received 13th October 2007

{The battalion sailed from Liverpool on the "Empire Halladale" in May 1955. The ship was, I believe, the oldest vessel of the Anchor Line and was shortly to be shunted off to its final berth and so it wasn’t surprising that it developed a few maladies en route, which meant that the journey to Kenya took three weeks. There was another National Service MO on board and between us we split the "morning surgeries." I can’t actually recall whether CBS travelled with us. What I do remember is that someone had the brilliant idea of organising boxing on deck while we were cruising through the Red Sea.  I had represented Aberdeen University in the Light-Weight Division and so I had an enjoyable time, even having a light-hearted contest with Pte Yandle, the battalion’s Heavy-Weight Champion. After stopping at Port Said and Aden, we finally docked at at Kilindi Docks Mombasa, and entrained for the 300 mile journey up-country to Nairobi.  We camped on the old Nairobi racecourse at Muthaiga but soon went up-country to South Kinangop on operations.  As RMO I was based at HQ Company, but used to be driven to the various forward Companies, and individual Platoons as required.  It was at this point that CBS met with his tragic accidental death.  I recall the occasion vividly.  The Adjutant Nick Rowe came running to get me and I was driven with all speed to the scene of the accident. I was told by someone there that he had "taken a burst of Bren-fire" and that before he had finally collapsed he had said something like "none of the chaps are to be blamed for this."  

"You may be interested in my impressions of CBS. When I joined 1KSLI, after being an Army GP in the Nord Rhein/Westfalen area, I found it a bit of a culture shock, being at that time still very much a Scot in what seemed to me to be almost a private club, most of the officers having been to the same Public School. The CO (who left the battalion before it sailed to Kenya) seemed to me a rather distant figure and I missed the "mateyness" of the Mess (a tank unit) which I had enjoyed in Germany. When CBS took over as CO, everything changed as far as I was concerned. I got to know him quite well and I found him thoughtful and courteous, with what I would have described as a quiet, slightly weary, tolerant sense of humour. If I had met him at a party in London, Oxford or Cambridge I would have taken him for a Classics or History Don. He was very highly thought of by the other officers."}


(Photo left): Taken at the Sgnts Mess 33 General Hospital Kowloon Xmas 1957. Bill Griffiths 2nd from right standing alongside 1KSLI Regimental Aid Sergeant Morgan at the right of the photo who attended Lt. Col. Cuthbert Brooke-Smith in the Aberdare forest immediately following the tragic accident that mortally wounded the C.O.

Researched British Light Infantry Guestbook Archives Item dated 21st February 2000 from Jonathan Brooke-Smith, grandson of CBS.  "I am the grandson of Lt. Col. Cuthbert Brooke-Smith who took over command of the 7th Bn SLI when Lt.Col. Ivor Reevs was wounded in 1944. He joined the KSLI in 1936 and served in the KSLI, SLI, DLI, and then back to the KSLI. He went to command the 1KSLI, in Kenya in 1955 where he was mortally wounded by fire from his own troops. If any one knew him or of him I would like to hear anything they have to say about him." (Editor) Jonathan Brooke-Smith is currently a subaltern in the British Army in Iraq and we are in contact with him.

BREAKING NEWS: Posted 25th October 2007.  Developments in the unravelling of the CBS Story, have advanced to include copious email correspondence between the Webmaster of bermuda-online (hotlink), who was a Brooke-Smith Family friend in Bermuda, where the CBS served as GSO2 in 1949-1952 - and both the webmaster of this site, Bill Griffiths and the editor Derek Lovemore.  Jointly we have garnered the wonderful support of the Church Stretton Town Council to rectify the omissions from the National Memorial monument and to appeal the Armed Forces Memorial Trust to repatriate the Lt. Col's remains to England for reburial with appropriate Military Honours.  The editor of the Shropshire Star has also been approached to further publicise this highly positive activity to honour CBS in a dignified manner, to which he is fully entitled, rather than left to languish in some ill attended corner of a civilian cemetery in Nairobi Kenya.  Go to the KSLI Blog Page to trail the opinions and comments of several others and to also record your own comment over this woeful treatment of a fine Officer and Soldier, who served King, Queen and Country with honour and paid the supreme sacrifice in carrying out his duties far from home.

Updated 8th November 2007:  We can report a part favourable outcome that Keith Forbes has received from the AFMT regarding CBS (with apologies from the AFMT for tardiness).  The Lt. Col. is now fully listed on the official website http://www.forcesmemorial.org.uk/ a search under "Cuthbert Brooke SMITH" will show the certificate that contains full details.  We now await further developments to the joint appeals to repatriate CBS' remains to Church Stretton for Military Honours and due accord from the KSLI Regiment.  View also our comments on the KSLI Blog Page and add your own appropriate opinions on the CBS matter.  Too few KSLI "Old Soldiers" have for too long a time said too little about the disgraceful lack of respect for a former 'Sunray'. 

Updated 27th November 2007:  Bruce Brooke-Smith has kindly forwarded 2 photos of interest - a sketch of CBS from an SLI publication printed soon after WW2 entitled "From Normandy to Hanover" and a photo of the CBS gravesite in Nairobi, Kenya.    Additional biographical detail for CBS is to hand which we shall selectively publish in due course. 

(Details supplied by Bruce Brooke-Smith November 2007) The following is the Ministry of Defence official description of the circumstances surrounding the death of Lieutenant Colonel C B Smith (the MOD would never admit that his name really was Brooke-Smith):

Lt Col (Brooke) Smith met his death accidentally as a result of shooting by his own troops whilst commanding 1KSLI in East Africa. The battalion had arrived the previous month. Lt Col (Brooke) Smith had expressed a wish to visit one of his company ambush positions, and a message was sent requesting guides from the ambush position to escort the visiting party on the morning of 18 July 1955. Unfortunately owing to bad wireless operating conditions, the message was incorrectly received by the ambush patrol and as a result no guides arrived. Nevertheless Lt. Col. (Brooke) Smith decided to go part of the journey to the ambush position from a direction other than that usually taken and the patrol commander, hearing movement from an unexpected direction, mistook the two African trackers with Lt. Col.(Brooke) Smith’s party for terrorists and the ambush patrol opened fire in the belief that a terrorist attack was being made. As soon as firing started an officer in the visiting party called out to identify himself, whereupon firing ceased. Unfortunately Lt. Col. (Brooke) Smith had been wounded and he died of his injuries before he could be evacuated.


On 11 October 1998, 64 people attended a brief but poignant ceremony at the war memorial in Church Stretton, Shropshire for the purpose of witnessing the addition of Lieutenant Colonel Cuthbert Brooke-Smith’s name to the list of those who gave their lives for their country during two world wars. This event was only possible because of the efforts of Cuthbert’s brother Louis, who also served with the Regiment, who had campaigned, with many others, tirelessly for this act of restitution to be achieved. After a short service of commemoration, his son Bruce, read an address and finished with these words. "In the Gospel of St John, chapter 15, verse 13, Jesus said". "Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." Cuthbert Brooke-Smith, along with countless thousands of others – some of whom are already commemorated on this war memorial – literally laid down their lives for their friends. It is right and fitting that we add his name to theirs this day.’ List of those attending: Capt Louis & Mrs Jill Brooke-Smith (KSLI), Philippa Goodall, Bruce & Barbara Brooke-Smith & son Jonathan, Charles Brooke-Smith (GR), Guy & Margaret Brooke-Smith, Dianna Mason, Paul & Angela Spearing, David & Rosie Brooke-Smith, Col Tim Beath (KSLI), Maj Mike Benson (KSLI), Lt Col Christopher Booth (CO 5LI), Mr Michael Charlesworth OBE, Mr & Mrs Tom Coebill (KSLI), Lt Col & Mrs George Delme-Murray (KSLI),Mr & Mrs Eddie Edwards (KSLI), Capt Dennis Egan (KSLI), Lt Col & Mrs Dick Evans (KSLI), Brig & Mrs Neil Fletcher (KSLI), Mr & Mrs Harry Gandon (KSLI), Lt Col & Mrs Brian Goss (KSLI), Lt Col & Mrs David Grover (KSLI), Air Cdre & Mrs Basil Hamilton (Local RBL Chairman), Mr & Mrs Philip Harvey (Local PCC), Mr Anthony Hector (KSLI), Lt Col & Mrs Tom Hill (KSLI), Mr Bob Jones (KSLI), Mr Derek Jones (KSLI), Brig Percy Jones (KSLI), C Sgt Steve Jones (Bugle Major 5LI), Ex Bugle Major & Mrs Bernard Laidler (KSLI), Brig Brian Lowe (KSLI), Maj & Mrs Bob Maslen-Jones (KSLI), Revd Nick Monk (KSLI), Lt Col & Mrs Richard Osborne (KSLI), Mr George Reckless (KSLI), Mr & Mrs Tony Richardson (Local RBL Secretary), Lt Col & Mrs John Roberts (KSLI), Rev Preb & Mrs Michael Steadman (Vicar of Church Stretton), Mrs Percy Tarbuck (Local RBL President), Capt & Mrs James Whitehead (KSLI), Mr Ken Williams (KSLI), Maj Jeremy York (KSLI).


Duncan 'Archie' Vaughan, former KSLI 1955 has posted a Blog comment, on March 17th 2008,  that reveals with great accuracy, the tragic shooting of Sunray.  This account from Archie is a first hand report from the Bren gunner involved and we believe is a timely mention of the details that have been sought by many interested LI soldiers who have (with their appeals to Officialdom) brought additional respect to the memory of this fine Officer and British Soldier.  Click the hotlinked title immediately above to read Archie's report.




The grand father of Helen Knibb was presented with the Plague medal above shown being worn by her Grandmother.  In 1894 he was a lance corporal. He was also a colour sergeant. I don't know when. He was born in 1870 in Ludlow, Shropshire, died 1933 in Birkenhead, Wirral. Married Margaret Ann Davies in West Derby, Liverpool in 1898. By this time he had left the army and was a coachman, They came to live in Birkenhead about 1900 where he became a tram driver. Margaret was from Welshpool, Montgomeryshire,Wales. They had 5 children - the 2nd and 3rd died when they were very young. Their eldest son William James joined the SLI in 1914-1920. He lied about his age as he must only have been 14 or 15.