Billericay Tennis Club

    tennis club
  • a club of people to play tennis
  • A recreational facility containing one or more tennis courts and may contain accessory uses such as administrative offices, or locker rooms (For Tennis Clubs seeking an alcoholic beverage permit, see Section 6.11.11).
  • Billericay was a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It elected one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election.
  • Billericay is a small commuter town in Essex, England with a population of 40,000. The town lies 25 miles to the east of central London and 7.6 miles to the south of the county town of Chelmsford.
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St Mary Magdalen - Billericay's 'Church in the High Street'
St Mary Magdalen - Billericay's 'Church in the High Street'
Religion has always played an important part in Billericay’s history. St Mary Magdalen – the town’s much loved ‘Church in the High Street’ – has provided a peaceful, special place for the townsfolk to worship for more than 600 years. This once small farming community has been a vital spot on the Essex map with immense historical and archaeological provenance. Since the latest refurbishment of St Mary Magdalen’s in 2007, more research into its history has been revealed within the pages of this current digital book.

Further information can be found at both the Cater Museum, and through The Emmanuel Church Office, Laindon Road, Billericay Essex CM12 9LD

Sylvia Kent is an author of seven books and has been a freelance columnist for 18 years writing weekly features on numerous topics, but local history is her passion. She is Trustee at a local Museum and is Archivist to the Society of Women Writers & Journalists, producing their history The Woman Writer. This is her first foray into electronic books and she has enjoyed researching and writing this ebook about Brentwood, a town where she lived for 30 years.

Billericay Village / Town sign
Billericay Village / Town sign
Although Billericay in Essex UK has a village type sign it's not a village at all. It's a reasonable sized town just north of Basildon. The sign features the 'Mayflower' ship that sailed to 'The New World' in 1620 carrying the Pilgrim Fathers that included four locals. A meeting of the fathers took place in the [then] village before they set sail and the town has traded heavily on these events ever since.
Billericay Dicky
Billericay Dicky
Railwayman as seen from the train at Billericay railway station. (A former place of residence for TMC I hasten to add).