There are over 2,000 registered dogs in Billerica. Where do you go with your dog in Billerica?  The Billerica Dog Park Committee is establishing a Dog Park for them to run, play, and socialize with other dogs.  We support other pet friendly projects as well.

Countdown to Opening

November, 2017.  Not so good news folks.  Unfortunately, groundbreaking for the Billerica Dog Park is now postponed until Spring.  This community has been patient, and will have wait just a little longer. 

We are still working with the foundation that is funding the majority of the construction. They have some concerns and questions before approving us to move forward.  The remaining points include:  

  • Slope, accessibility and maintenance of the Natural area.  This may affect the perimeter of the park in this area.
  • Bench design for accessibility
  • Watering and sanitizing system (sprinkler system)
  • Edging at dissimilar materials (such as between the walkway and open pea stone field)
  • Tree protection

We still need some clarification, and agreement on changes that will satisfy everyone’s concerns.  Once agreed, we’ll need to revise the plans before going out to bid.

We greatly appreciate your support and patience, and can't wait to open your dog park.

Park Plans

Below is the latest sketch plan from The Morin-Cameron Group, our engineer.

If you want your inner engineer to come out, here are the full plans, specs and town conditions::

Commemorative Bricks

Since we are now pushed off until spring, the Commemorative Brick program is back open again.  You can now still order a brick that will be installed for the park opening.  We will have to halt it again late winter in order to finalize the brick garden and order the bricks.  

If you missed it last time, don’t put it off again and miss being part of it.  Download a brochure, or order yours directly on-line.

Tree & Bench Sponsorship

We have also reopened up sponsorship for the trees and benches as well.  One of the four benches is still available for a sponsor for a $600 donation, and some trees can each be sponsored fora $300 donation. Please contact us at billericadogpark@gmail.com.  Your support and generosity will be recognized with an 8”x8” engraved brick displayed in front of your tree or bench.

How you can help...

The Billerica Dog Park will not be built by your tax dollars or town funds.  All funds will come from the generous support of the community. 

With your help, we are making the park a reality in 2017. The Friends of the Billerica Dog Park Committee is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

 Donate Online:

 Mail a Check:

Friends of the Billerica Dog Park Committee
c/o Billerica Town Hall
365 Boston Road
Billerica, MA 01821

https://smile.amazon.com/ch/45-3960306. Click the link above, and bookmark it for your future Amazon shopping.  Amazon will donate a percentage of your sale to your dog park.

Show Your Billerica Dog Park Pride
Check out the on-line store.  You can now get totes, hats and shirts.  Remember, we still need to ongoing funds to maintain the park after opening since the town will not fund it with town funds, so this is a great way to show everyone you support the park.

Join Us:  Come to a meeting and lend a paw. With your help, we can open the park sooner.

National Dog Day

Watch our YouTube video here.

Courtesy of Rick Dorrington

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