Hello friends. Thanks for checking in at Bill Emery Music!
I am happy to be making music with some of the best musicians in Colorado.

The Bill Emery Band has played a few places this past year, most enjoyably entertaining the cadets at the Air Force Academy for their Casino Night (12 piece group) and a jazz night (7 piece). We also received thunderous applause at the Monument Valley Park Monday night summer concert and had great turnout in October for the 1st annual CoatFest (extra thanks to WestSide Cares, the Colorado Springs Children's Chorale, and Unity Spiritual Center of the Rockies).

The New Century Big Band continues to play monthly Big Band Sundays. Besides great fun we have been able to bring in a lot of food donations to help fight hunger in our part of the state and city and provide scholarships to music students heading for college.
Please continue to check the calendar tab for updates.
Thanks! Bill