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My blog at blogger:


Since blogspot is censored in China, you may need these gateways to access it:

or use  Tor for proxy.

Introduction to Pillow Modeller, a polygonal modeller I developed:

A flash presentation shows how Pillow works in action:

A box modelling tutorial shows how I modelled a human head with Pillow:

Project can be downloaded here

My essay to introduce my ideas behind this modeler will be published in Computer Knowledge and Technology Magazine January 2007.

AssortedWidgets, My open source GUI project:

AssortedWidgets is my OpenGL+SDL GUI Library, developed for my next generation Pillow Modeller.

Project can be downloaded here

Feature List:
BSD license.
Delegate Code Style.
Ability to define custom theme.
Common Widgets and Layouts.

WIP  Screenshots:

 Gallery of My CG Works done with 3D  Studio Max and Silo: 

CGArt online Magazine, the Magazine I participated in:

My Other Stuff:

uploadr for flickr, A firefox extension that enables direct upload of web images.

 Blogger Backup, a tool helps to backup your blogger entries.

Model extractor for nVidia TechDemo

This is the Nalu model I cracked from nVidia Geforce Demo:

 Contact Info: