Content Reading and Comprehension Strategies

Compiled by ReadingQuest here is a general list of links to resources about content reading and comprehension strategies. They are divided into two main groups: sites that address foundational issues, and sites that give support to particular strategy use.

Foundations of Strategy Use
Building on Prior Knowledge and Meaningful Student Contexts/Culture
from North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
Working Toward Student Self-Direction and Personal Efficacy as Educational Goals
Before, During, and After
Prereading Instruction
Metacognition and Reading to Learn by Norma Decker Collins
Individual Strategies
Comprehensive Reading Strategies List from NCREL (now Learning Point Associates)
Framing Main Ideas and Essential Details to Promote Comprehension
Two-Column Note-Taking
A System for Effective Listening and Note-Taking
The Cornell System
Literature Log Response Starters
Literature Log Response Starters
The Clarifying Routine: Elaborating Vocabulary Instruction
Paired Summarizing
Group Summarizing
Framed Paragraphs
Graphic Organizers from NCREL
Graphic Organizers from a content reading course
Graphic Organizers from Doug and Melissa
Reciprocal Teaching of Reading
Reciprocal Teaching
Reciprocal Teaching in the Fourth Grade Science Program
Semantic Mapping for Concept Formation
Semantic Maps

Professional Development Programs in Comprehension and Content Reading
Project CRISS: CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies
Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: If Not Me, Then Who?
University of Kansas Strategic Instruction Model [SIM]