Richmond - Altogether

posted 24 Mar 2011, 03:03 by Manuel F. Lara



Altogether is a practical and innovative six-level series for primary school students that combines language study and subject areas within each coursebook. Every two months students and teachers receive a new coursebook that includes all of the learning materials that they will need for those months.

Altogether’s dual focus of language and content enables students to reinforce language skills, make connections among different content areas and therefore enhance their overall cognitive, academic and social development.

Key Features

Students and teachers receive all of the following courses and components:

English Language Courses

  • My Language Course
  • My Vocabulary and Grammar
  • My Phonics and Spelling Course (levels 1-3)
  • My Pronunciation and Spelling Course (levels 4-6)

Content-focused Courses

  • My Math
  • My Science