The CLIL Resource Pack

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Photocopiable and Interactive Whiteboard activities for Primary and Lower Secondary teachers

Key features

The CLIL Resource Pack comprises a Photocopiable Resource Pack with accompanying IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) materials, written for teachers of Primary and Lower Secondary aged pupils.

The CLIL Resource Pack is divided into 10 units covering topics such as Life Cycles, Food, Living Things, Forces and Motion, Weather and Water with cross curricular links to Science, Geography, ICT, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education and English Literature. Each unit contains material which is appropriate for different levels of ability.

The CLIL Resource Pack includes a wide range of CLIL activities/worksheets, all supported by extensive Teacher’s notes plus extension activity ideas. The accompanying IWB CD is an effective teaching tool for bringing topics to life in the classroom through a variety of materials including games, songs, activities, images and audio passages.

Key features:

  • each activity is simple to prepare, easy to adapt to individual classroom needs and motivating for young learners
  • each activity can be covered in one lesson
  • each activity focuses not only on cross curricular content, but also on functions, structures and vocabulary areas
  • each activity highlights lexical areas in a pre-activity warm up slot
  • each activity is supplemented with web links for sourcing further information and ideas

Component ISBNs

Photocopiable Resource Book 978-1-905085-65-1

Wikibooks: Books by subject

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Free textbooks and manuals
Books by subject

These are the top-level subjects for classifying books by type. Second-level subjects are shown below under each major subject. Some of them also have subdivisions below that. Feel free to explore!

Arithmetic symbols.svg
Icon tools and star.svg
Social sciences.svg
Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous (no words).svg
Nuvola apps kalzium.svg
Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
P star.svg

Harcourt School Publishers

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Reading Language Arts ESL Spelling Math Social Studies Science Health Art NewsBreaks

Newbridge: Standards-based resources

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Here you'll find nonfiction, standards-based resources to meet your balanced literacy needs while teaching key curriculum content. Newbridge provides all the comprehensive teacher support and assessment resources you'll need for your PreK–8 classroom.

Science Instruction through Standards-Based Programs   Science
Generate excitement in your classroom as students discover and explore the wonders of science through standards-based science content.
Standards-Based Social Studies Content   Social Studies
Capture students' natural curiosity with social studies content that meets the NCSS and National Geography Standards.
Math Activities and Big Books for Early Math Fluency   Math
Help your students grasp fundamental math concepts as they achieve grade-level proficiency for success on standardized tests.
Literacy Skill Builders for Language Arts   Language Arts
Energize your classroom with resources that will help your students to become better readers and writers, and effective communicators.
Programs and Books in Spanish for ESL and ELL Students   Programs in Spanish
Build language proficiency, and prepare ESL students for success with on-level curriculum and standardized tests.

Nonfiction, Standards-Based Resources for Balanced Literacy Programs
Big Books for Shared Reading Leveled Books for Guided Reading and Writing High-Interest Nonfiction Books for Independent Reading
Newbridge Big Books help establish a solid foundation for reading and writing success. Newbridge offers lots of engaging nonfiction Big Books featuring ... More

Newbridge's Leveled Reading programs ensure success in reading and writing with fluency and comprehension and move students toward independence ... More

Newbridge has lots of high-interest nonfiction books and libraries ideal
for use in the literacy-centered classroom. These engaging books provide students ... More

Sundance: Reading PowerWorks

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Discover content-area theme sets organized for the way you teach!

Reading PowerWorks is a flexible alternative to teaching essential science, social studies, and math content while helping all students develop the reading strategies they need to succeed in school—and in life! Literacy experts have developed the content and selected the best fiction and nonfiction books to illustrate each theme—so you don't have to spend the time searching for thematically related material.

Choose from 34 standards-based Theme Sets to tie to your curriculum.

Reading PowerWorks:

  • Maximize teaching time by integrating essential, standards-based science, social studies, or math content into reading instruction.
  • Reach all of your students with appropriately leveled books.
  • Support learning with a variety of resources.

"Reading PowerWorks allows every child to learn and grow as readers."
—Dr. Brenda Parkes, Internationally recognized literacy expert and educator

Supports NCLB! A unique approach to reading in the content areas, Reading PowerWorks offers 34 theme units: 13 science, 13 social studies, and 8 math that support NCLB and the development of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. And each theme unit includes paired nonfiction/fiction Guided Reading titles for different reading stages. Now all readers can share in the learning!

Reading PowerWorks Theme Sets
Self-contained tote bags give you all the materials you need to integrate content and reading, place and assess students, and provide a full range of large group, small group, and independent activities.

Program Components:

  • 1 Read-Aloud fiction trade book to introduce the standards-based theme concept, build background, and activate prior knowledge.
  • 1 Shared Reading Nonfiction Big Book to explore the concept in-depth and introduce basic nonfiction text features.
  • 6 Little Book versions of the Big Book for read-alongs and re-reading.
  • 3 sets of Leveled Readers—paired fiction and nonfiction texts to expand all students' understanding of the theme, plus Audio to help struggling readers and English Language Learning (ELL) students access information.
  • Trade Book Library with carefully selected fiction and nonfiction to further students' understanding of the theme (6 books).
  • A Teacher Resource Book per theme, that provides lesson plans, phonics and writing activities, assessment, and home connections. The PowerSkills component gives your below-level readers and ELL students the extra support they need to learn key curriculum concepts and vocabulary.

Learn more about each of these components and look inside the books:

Titles in this Series Guided Reading Level Interest Level
Reading PowerWorks® Science Theme Sets D - R 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks® Social Studies Theme Sets D - R 1 - 3
Reading PowerWorks® Math Theme Sets D - O 1 - 3

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Richmond - Altogether

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Altogether is a practical and innovative six-level series for primary school students that combines language study and subject areas within each coursebook. Every two months students and teachers receive a new coursebook that includes all of the learning materials that they will need for those months.

Altogether’s dual focus of language and content enables students to reinforce language skills, make connections among different content areas and therefore enhance their overall cognitive, academic and social development.

Key Features

Students and teachers receive all of the following courses and components:

English Language Courses

  • My Language Course
  • My Vocabulary and Grammar
  • My Phonics and Spelling Course (levels 1-3)
  • My Pronunciation and Spelling Course (levels 4-6)

Content-focused Courses

  • My Math
  • My Science

Richmond - Spotlight

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Spotlight on English is a comprehensive, standards-based program for English language learners (ELLs) designed to help K-6 students gain and develop English language proficiency, access grade-level content and successfully transition to the mainstream classroom.

Spotlight on English exposes students to grade-level Academic English and models of Standard English and provides educators with the tools necessary to empower ELLs to acquire the English language accurately and achieve competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Spotlight on English is a balanced program that not only provides the academic language students need, it also brings together proven methodologies and innovative teaching strategies.

Key Features

  • Based on scientific research
  • Aligned to state ELA/ELD and the National Curriculum and Content-area Standards
  • Created with a content-rich framework—language arts, math, science, social studies, music, and art
  • Developed with multi-level teaching strategies for differentiated instruction in every lesson
  • Designed to deliver direct, structured, and inclusive language instructionFrom

Textbook Support Materials

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Pearson - ELL - For High School

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Pearson Support for Empowering ELLs

Pearson has a portfolio of accessible research-based support for English language learners and the educators working with them. For their PreK–high school students, Pearson’s ELL support prepares them for success in school and in today's global marketplace.

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