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John Kurilec

C. Escobar - Conclusions TRI CLIL 2009 pdf free ebook download

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Multilingual Matters & Channel View Publications

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Multilingual Matters is an international independent publishing house, with lists in the areas of bilingualism , second/foreign language learning, sociolingui stics, translation, interpreting and books for parents. We also publish a newsletter for parents, The Bilingual Family Newsletter. Our recent innovations include a new textbook series.

Channel View Publications publishes books on tourism and environmental studies. We have three book series: Aspects of Tourism, Tourism and Cultural Change and Aspects of Tourism Texts.

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EU project The European children’s traveling language library (Eurolib)

An EU funded education project. It is targeted at motivating children in their first year of learning a foreign language, to learn languages, understand culture and READ.

Travelling libraries of illustrated children's books in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Czech and Finnish) will travel from school to school across Europe. 

If you an educator in the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain,Turkey or the UK, you can now show your interest in booking a visit of the library to your school by completing the ‘Get Involved’ form. 

You can also join our community on Facebook

Schools in other countries will be able to use the library by helping to form Eurolib networks in your country. If you are interested in using the Eurolib please let us know.

Library: Documents and newsletters at

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You are all more than welcome to submit comments and links on newsletters, articles, books and book collections on this topic you find yourselves.
If you can't submit, please contact

European Commission - Multilingualism Publications

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