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People for Artistic and Cultural Excellence (PACE) Productions is an effort to bring a fresh, introspective beam of insight into the social medium of cinema.  A truly democratic collective formed by the people of Peringode village  (near Ottappalam) in Palakkad District, PACE is the brain-child of Sudevan,  a young painter-turned-short film director and Achuthanandan, who has played key roles on screen for its projects. 

Over the span of 6 years PACE  has created 3 critically acclaimed and award-winning (Best Film, Montage Short Film Festival 2007) independent short films, 15 to 30 minutes in length, which have also had profound impact on an audience of alternative movie enthusiasts and school and college students.

As they are in the current process of releasing their fourth completed venture, Thattumporathappan, which is a satire taking on a very important aspect of social life, PACE reaffirms its uncompromising resolve to create a new paradigm in cinema for new artists to assimilate and improve upon, where keenness of observation and human understanding and strength of plot take precedence over dazzling but sadly meaningless displays of technical wizardry.  It is noteworthy that none of the PACE projects, (mostly shot with Handycams) have exceeded Rs. 35, 000 (about £500/$750) in total cost of production, and yet they have been able to maintain their professional artistic quality and popularity all throughout.

Short Films:

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