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Professor Bikramjit Basu’s research group has been actively pursuing research in the multidisciplinary area of Biomaterials and Nanoceramics. His research encompassing theory and experiments, earlier at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and lately at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has the following key objectives,

(i) To significantly expand the understanding of the in vitro cell functionality modulation on engineered implantable biomaterials using electric field stimulation approach

(ii) To investigate the synergistic role of substrate properties (conductivity, stiffness, wettability, surface patterning) on guided cellular response in vitro

(iii) To understand bactericidal effect in pathogenic bacterial strains using magnetic field stimulation

(iv) To synthesize novel polymeric scaffolds with tunable physical and in vitro degradation properties 

(v) To fabricate complex three dimensional scaffolds with controlled porosity gradient using rapid prototyping technique (3D printing)

(vi) To advance concepts of superfast densification based processing approach to control microstructure of toughened nanostructured ceramics over multiple length scales for tribological applications


In addressing various research questions, his research group effectively uses the advanced materials processing route (spark plasma sintering), state-of-art characterization facilities (HRTEM, XPS, AFM, micro-CT, Nanoindentation), cell culture and bacterial culture facilities, cell proliferation/differentiation assays (MTT, ALP, immunocytochemistry) and flow cytometry to quantify cell fate processes. On the computational aspects, we use simple analytical tools to determine bioelectric (Maxwell) stress field around biological cells in E-field mediated culture conditions. In addressing various research questions, Dr. Basu has been successful in stitching together a large interdisciplinary team of researchers from multiple backgrounds, including Metallurgy/Materials Science, Ceramic Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences.

Over the years, Professor Basu has stimulated a large number of young researchers and mentored young colleagues. As principal investigator, he has successfully led major multi-institutional interdisciplinary research collaborations with the leading research group of USA and UK. In order to promote international collaborations, he has organised major bilateral workshops with Germany and Japan.

Selected Research Publications:

  1. Alok Kumar, K. Biswas and Bikramjit Basu; On the Toughness Enhancement in Hydroxyapatite-Based Biocomposites, Acta Materialia 61 [14] (2013) 5198–5215. (download)
  2. Greeshma Thrivikraman, Prafulla Kumar Mallik and Bikramjit Basu; Substrate conductivity dependent modulation of cell proliferation and differentiation in vitro; Biomaterials 34 (2013) 7073-7085.(download)
  3. Shilpee Jain, Ashutosh Sharma and Bikramjit Basu, Vertical electric field stimulated neuronal cell functionality on porous amorphous carbon electrode; Biomaterials  34 (2013) 9252-9263. (download)
  4. A.K.Dubey and B.Basu; Pulsed Electric Stimulation and Surface charge induced cell growth on multistage spark Plasma Sintered Hydroxyapatite-Barium Titanate Piezobiocomponate; J. American Ceramic Society 97 [2] (2014) 481-489. (download)
  5. Greeshma Thrivikraman, Giridhar Madras and B.Basu, Intermittent electric stimuli for guidance of human mesenchymal stem cell lineage committment towards neural-like cells on electroconductive substrates; Biomaterials 35 [25] 6219-6235 (download)
  6. Indu Bajpai, Kantesh Balani and Bikramjit Basu, Spark Plasma Sintered HA-Fe3O4 based Multifunctional Magnetic Biocomposites, J. American Ceramic Society 96 (2013) 2100-2108.(download)

  1. B. Basu, D. Katti and Ashok Kumar; Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals, Processing and Applications; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA (ISBN: 978-0-470-19340-2), Published in September, 2009. (View)
  2. BikramjitBasu and Kantesh Balani; Advanced Structural Ceramics; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA and American Ceramic Society, (ISBN: 9780470497111), Published in September, 2011. (View)
  3. Bikramjit Basu and Mitjan Kalin; Tribology of Ceramics and composites: Materials Science Perspective; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA and American Ceramic Society (ISBN-10: 0470522631), September, 2011. (View)  

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