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Getting There
Villa Address (link)
Google Map from Barcelona to Villa (link)
Google Earth View of the villa, download file to your computer and run Google Earth (link)
Great travel site: hipmunk.com or try: Rome 2 Rio
11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2011 (link)
Navigating the Airfare Maze Online Gets Tougher (article)
webpage for getting from Barcelona Airport to Girona (link)
Directions to the Villa from the airport (link)
The villa's webpage (link)
How safe is where you are traveling? (link)
Bicycle Baggage Fees:
Barcelona Airport terminal map (link)
Bike Trip Check List (link)
Packing Your Bike (link)

Barcelona - Integrated Public Transit
Integrated Map (link)

Bus Transportation:
  • From  Barcelona Airport (T1, T2) to Barcelona, Aerobus Airport express, runs every runs every 8-10 minutes, 5 minute walk to Hostal (map) from Placa Cataluya stop, cost 5.30 EUR.
  • From Barcelona bus station (link) to Girona Airport, see schedule (link) , duration 1hour 15 minutes, costs 12 EUR   
  • From Barcelona to Girona Airport, runs every 15 minutes, duration 1 hour 10 minutes, costs 12 EUR (link)
  • From Girona Airport to Girona, runs every 30 minutes, duration 25 minutes, costs 2.05 EUR (link)
  • Barcelona Airport, T1, to Girona's station, 3 buses per day, cost 21.05 + 10 EUR admin fee (link)

Train from Airport to Barcelona:
“Cercanias - Renfe” train (R2 - time table), runs every 30 minutes, get off at Passeig de Gracia, take metro (green line) stop at Placa Catalunya (map), takes 26 minutes, cost 1.70 EUR.

Barcelona Trains (system map)
Schedule (link)

Bus and Train from Barcelona Airport to Girona Center
Bus from Barcelona Airport to the main train station, Barcelona-Sants, cost 2 euro, every 30 minutes
- or-
“Cercanias - Renfe" train (R2 Time table) from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona-Sants, runs every 30 minutes, costs 1.70 EUR, takes 19 minutes.

Train from Barcelona-Sants to Girona, leaves almost every hour, see schedule (link), last train leaves 21.46, cost varies based on train service, ranges from 6.75 EUR to 20 EUR.

Taxi from Girona Airport, SunTransfers (link)

Around Girona  
Activities in Costa Brava (link)
Girona - Wikipedia (link)
Girona Travel Guide (link)
Map My Ride (link)
Girona Photos (link)
Google City Tours (link)

Around Barcelona
Rick Steves' Travel Video (link)
Fat tire Bike tours - Barcelona (link)
Barcelona (link)
Sagrada Família (link)

Computer generated personal tour Guides
  • Google City Tours - enter the city of Barcelona (link)
  • Plnnr - enter the city of Barcelona (link)
Bike Rentals:
Additional Bike rental information supplied by Tom Montville (link)
Updated 1/26/11: Michelin map suggested by Alan (link)
Finding Nirvana on Two Wheels (article link)
My peddle around Girona (article link)
Girona, Spain: Riding in the pro's backyards (link)
Other Folks go to Girona, too! (link)

Places to Stay Before/After the trip
Parador Cardona - Hotel Duques de Cardona (link)
Hostal Campi (link), intra-Barcelona connections (link)
Electrical outlet Converters; typical (link)
Suggestions for using your US cell phone in Europe (link)
Translator for your iPhone (link)
calling to Barcelona from the US (link)
calling from Barcelona to the US (link)
Setting up your phone for international calls (code 34)
ATT (link)
ATT Pricing (link), Thank you Lori

Credit Card Numbers
Capital One (link)

Directions (click here for an interactive map):

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