Ride, hike and travel Lima Miraflores and vicinity

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 May 19th 2013 

Iris, age 68, retired adventurist
Ride, hike and travel Lima-Miraflores and vicinity (Peru)
Review of the Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

As a bicycle traveler, I have been lucky to book a bike tour at the local organization bikingtoursoflima. Located at Miraflores. Not far from my hostel (Pirwa). Pirwa hostel is somehow better as rated and described at tripadvisor...

So, the bike tour has been quickly organized. This time, I have been lucky. It worked! I have been supplied by a bike

You should know, Lima's roads are not made for bicyclists. They are wide, but the traffic is so heavy and car drivers are so 'nervous', that you may quickly will be run-over, once you show up on road. Most of the cross roads throughout the city, we have pedaled on sidewalks. No way - it seems to be a must!

Once you reached the shoreline it is a very scenic place. The road follows the cliffs. Very nice.

Right in the middle of Miraflores there is a food mall located. With extreme high class restaurants. Worth to go! Some Peruvian Soles could be spent there...

Remember, we are now nearly on sea level. The typical Peruvian elevations are over by now. But the cliffs makes you ride on rolling hills.

As we hit just some of the suburban villages down South, as e.g. Barranca and Corrillos it didn't exhaust us to much.

In this area, you may not find any signs of Inca culture at all. Lima-Miraflores is a place, where the well-doing upper class people live.

See impressions from the ride at the pages below!

Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers!

the tour starts at the Miraflores bike shop:

 sometimes the shop is closed...
 ...really closed...!

found an interesting car sticker:

good question...

 mostly foggy at seaside of Lima / Miraflores
 our tour guide
 ...there is a light...
 view down to the 'sigh-bridge'
 make a wish - it will come true!
 there is a crack, there is a crack..., in everything...!
 'my' bike
 misty seaside
 is this fair? One builds their house in front of another... - view gone!
 interesting dress - maybe foreigners
 power nap
 now I understand, why it so quiet at Lima...
 ...and each and every car is so slow...:-)
 fish swim, birds fly...

end of an enjoyable ride