Biking Benicia2

Biking Benicia.

Biking around Benicia, CA you can learn about the many views and viewing opportunities there are to see on this section of the Sacramento River. This section of the Sacramento River is known as Carquinez Straits where the Sacremento River narrows and empties into the Northern San Francisco Bay.

Going to the Armory.

On a crisp morning in January, 2006, bike and I visited the back of the Benicia Armory where the Port of Benicia is viewable on the Southwest side and the Benicia Martinez Bridge is viewable on the Northeast side. Between the eucalyptus trees you can look down on the Port where often there is an oil tanker or car carrying ship offloading. Sometimes both types of ship are tied up alongside the pier.

Our new bridge going North from the Martinez side to our Benicia side is coming in nicely, albeit, delayed due  to extra construction needed for the unstable river bottom.

The above was THEN and following here is some of NOW looking back from the completed new Bridge from Benicia to Martinez at the Port of Benicia:


Well, thats enough of the Armory and the Bridge for today. Bike and I have got to get going again because we have miles to go before we can rest again.

Going to the Bridge

Up on the Benicia Martinez Bridge biking and hiking trail

This tanker Zaruma was visiting Port of Benicia, CA. today, 9-6-2010.


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