BEAST (Bicycle Enthusiasts At St. Thomas)  
Welcome to our site!

"BEAST" ( Bike Enthusiasts At St. Thomas) is a club that promotes cycling everywhere. We promote healthy, fun and active lifestyles on and off the bike. We strive to build community and help the environment by cycling, educating and sharing our other interests as well. We are always looking for new members so feel free to join the club and shoot our club president a message. ( President's E-mail )

We run the bike share program at St. Thomas and have a shop on south campus. We repair cycles and build new creations. In May of 2011 we purchased more Park Tools and another bike stand for repairs.

We hold group rides throughout the year. We promote racing for the competitive crowd and will have a group of riders in spring of 2012 to do some racing. 

Cycle Video Of the Month
Feel Free to make submissions of a video you think is worthy for Cycle Video of the Month. Winners                                            will get a drink of their choice  from Scooters, The Grill, The C-Store or The Pit Stop. Worth up to $4.00
Why do we cycle...?
To get up and close with Nature!

Calander 2011-2012