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Key West Cruisers

Key West Cruisers
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We supply free locks, battery free bike lights that turn on automatically. Safety features for you with our commitment to the earth and a green energy policy. Our Key West bike rentals come with baskets and we upgraded the handle bars with aluminum ones to make our bikes weigh the least of all bike rentals in Key West. Rent bikes in Key West cruisers by the day, or better weekly deals and multiple days for extra discounts. We supply some of the top resorts in Key West Florida with our bicycles and service. Shop and compare to any other rental, we have the best price and great service in some of the top resorts with locations all around town. Key
Wanna go biking in Key west? Hassle free parking, get anywhere so easily... it's a winning choice! If you're ready to rent bikes, Key West cruisers, speed bikes, hybrids, bicycles choices for families, then we are ready to serve you, your kids, your whole family bike rentals in Key West Florida. Welcome business groups on vacation, call for group discounts!