Teams and Committees



Team Planners is responsible for calendar and event planning, volunteer recruitment, and retention.

2014 goals include:

      • 8 Public Free Tune-Up Clinic events
      • 4 Donation & Adoption Drives
      • 2 Adoption-Only Drives
      • 2 Volunteer Appreciation/Team-Building Events 



Team Instruction is responsible for instructor training and operation of clinics. Team members are encouraged to complete the free training course and certification tests.

2014 goals include:

      • Support all external events’ bike mechanics needs
      • Provide free bike mechanics instruction to at least 65 students
      • Update curriculum
      • Create incentives for volunteers to complete certification tests



Team Finance is responsible for bookkeeping, coordination of accounting and payments with fiscal sponsor.

2014 goals include:

      • Create process documents
      • Recruit and train team members
      • Invest in hardware and software to increase efficiency



Team Web is responsible for all website development & Internet-based application development.

 2014 goals include:

      • Implement website design per 2011 Strategic Plan
      • Recruit and train team members
      • Create Bike Sales page, Donation page, & e-Commerce page



Team Promotion is responsible for event publicity, press releases, and content creation & development for website, social media, email and other internal and outreach communications.

2014 goals include:

      • Update process documents
      • Leverage fiscal sponsor promotional resources
      • Recruit & train team members




This Committee is chartered to write and apply for Grants for projects defined by the B4HPDX Steering Committee.

This Committee will work on obtaining Grant Funding in 2014 for the High School Bike Co-Op Program.



This Committee is chartered to create a High School Bike Co-Op Program.

It is intended that the High School Bike Co-Op Program grant includes the following, per approved High School:

1.    A minimum of 27 hours of free bike mechanics training be provided to the HS Co-Op organizers

2.    A Scholarship Grant (towards college tuition) for the HS Co-Op student leaders of approximately $1,000 – $2,000 depending on needs

3.    A Tool Grant of approximately $1,000 – $1,500

4.    A Parts Inventory Grant of approximately $200

5.    A Grant of a minimum 10 bikes of various types that can be refurbished

Volunteers-on-record may sign up here to participate in a Team or Committee.


The Steering Committee is responsible for strategic planning, organizational oversight, and policy setting for the organization. The Steering Committee is solely responsible for the creation, approval and execution of the B4HPDX Bylaws. The Steering Committee executes contracts on behalf of the organization with other individuals, corporations, or organizations. All legal and financial affairs, including all relationships with fiscal sponsors of the organization, are managed by the Steering Committee

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