B4HPDX Bike Adoption - Policies & FAQ's

Bike Adoption Key Policies 

  • Each adopter is limited to adopting 2 bikes per year from B4HPDX.
  • Each bike has a Refurbishment Processing Fee (RPF) and a Suggested Donation Value (SDV).
  • RPF is a required adoption fee and adopter receives a purchase receipt for the RPF amount paid.
  • SDV is in addition to RPF and is voluntary and adopter receives a charitable donation receipt for the SDV amount.
  • Any bike where its RPF + SDV total is less than US$100, the bike is eligible for financial aid.
  • Adopter of an eligible bike can apply for financial aid based on economic need.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are any of the bikes collected going to Africa?

No.  All donated bikes to B4HPDX are refurbished by local volunteers and offered for adoption locally.

Can I trade in a bike for another one?

No.  By law, B4HPDX cannot assign a monetary value to donated goods.  Therefore, donations and adoptions are required to be separate transactions. You are welcome to donate bikes, then adopt bikes, at our Donation & Adoption Drive events.

What if someone adopts a bike then sells it on Craigslist?

B4HPDX cannot control what adopters do with adopted bikes. Our policy of no more than 2 bikes adopted by each adopter per year, a mandatory Refurbishment Processing Fee, and follow-up process for each adoption, encourages ownership and discourages profiteering from our charitable service.


What portion of my payment is tax exempt? 

The portion of your payment that qualifies as a charitable contribution is documented on your receipt and in our financial records.  Any purchases or accessories, fees-for-services, and the mandatory Refurbishment Processing Fee, are not part of the charitable contribution amount.  Please consult your tax accountant for further information regarding IRS filing.


How can I get a free bike from B4HPDX?

B4HPDX seeks to promote a sense of empowerment and ownership rather than a sense of entitlement for each adoption. We believe each capable adult should earn a bicycle. Some kid’s bikes and spare-parts bikes will be available at extremely low Refurbishment Processing Fee (as low as $5 each) at each event.


Is anyone paid a salary from B4HPDX event proceeds?

No. B4HPDX is an all-volunteer organization. There are no paid employees. We pay to purchase spare parts, tools, shop materials, advertising for our events, etc. We pay vendors or contractors for goods or services.


What if I can’t find a bike that fits me at your event?

B4HPDX is creating a “Find Me a Bike” program to partner with local bike shops and organizations to help you find a bike that fits your physical, economic, and transportation needs.