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Making things is fun. Fixing, reusing, repuposing things is satisfying. At times it may seem silly and useless, but it is the thought process behind the thing being made that is half the  fun.

FloppyPan Making an web-controlled webcam panning unit out of an old 3,5" floppy drive, old CD-box, a paperclip, two nails, a rubber band and about 2 Euro worth of electrical components.
MacroPhone DIY snap-on phone macro lens



"I think work should be about making things work. Better. Faster. Smaller. Smarter. So I build bridges between what’s known and what’s not. I tinker. I toil. I write poetically in an abundance of languages (including code). I hack. I dissect. I have an insatiable desire to un-complicate the complicated. I am easily inspired. I believe that just because it hasn’t been thought of doesn’t mean it won’t be. Potential is my thrill ride. Imagination is my most-used tool. I am a maker, and I am what moves the world forward."