Stationary Spinning Bike. Baja Sports Mini Bike.

Stationary Spinning Bike

stationary spinning bike
  • Not changing in quantity or condition
  • not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery"
  • Not moving or not intended to be moved
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  • With wind generator towers, a tower that does not tilt up and down. The tower must be climbed or accessed with a crane to install or service equipment at the top.
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  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
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stationary spinning bike - With Computer
With Computer Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike
With Computer Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike
The indoor cycling revolution begins a result of over a decade of Keiser cycle development. The hallmark of M3 Indoor bikes is its durability. The M3 is made of corrosive resistant materials, has a non wearing resistance system, and is virtually maintenance free. The M3 is a true performance exercise cycle, with a focus on indoor cycling classes and cardiovascular conditioning. It is like no other cycle you have ever rode before; smooth ride, whisper quiet, easy to use and a host of other built in features designed with your clients, instructors, and facility in mind. The M3 also offers an optional computer that measures RPM, power output in watts, kilocalorie expenditure, heart rate (via wireless Polar monitor), trip time, gear (resistance), and trip distance. Experience a whole new way to cycle, the Keiser M3. "The New M3 Indoor Cycle by Keiser is set to start a fitness revolution in indoor cycling. Always on the lookout to keep workouts fresh, exciting, and challenging, indoor cycling is a great way to get your heart pumping, burn calories, and no need to worry about weather or traffic hazards!" "It is so quiet you could bike in the same room as someone sleeping!" Fitness Forum Post Click here to find more information about this bike on the manufacturer website. Features: Black Finish Simple installation Does not accept typical road bike crank arms Durable construction Compact footprint Portable Adjustable pedals Silent operation Wear-free use Maintenance-free design Quality-tested engineering Four-way adjustable seat Corrosion-resistant materials Ideal for commercial clubs and fitness facilities 6-month wearable parts warranty Fitness computer optional (computer has heart rate monitor) Magnetic resistance Seat: multi-directional adjustable (

The result of more than a decade of cycle development, the Keiser M3 is like no other indoor cycle you've ridden before. Keiser scrutinized and quality tested every single component of the M3, from the top of the comfortable handlebars to the bottom of the rock-solid base and everything in between. The centerpiece of the M3 is its eddy current resistance system, which offers infinitely adjustable resistance. This creates a vigorous, challenging workout along with a remarkably smooth, whisper-quiet ride. In addition, the cycle is built to last, as the resistance system doesn't wear and is virtually maintenance-free. And to keep you comfortable throughout your ride, the M3 includes a four-way adjustable seat (up, down, forward, and backward), dual-position comfort handlebars, and adjustable Shimano combo pedals.
The M3 is also equipped with a sophisticated computer system that tracks your rpm, power output in watts, kilocalories, heart rate, pedaling time, resistance, and trip distance. Other features include a gravity-based water bottle holder, an anti-slip belt, and a smooth resistance shifter. Designed with the needs of fitness clubs in mind but portable enough for the home, the M3 carries a three-year warranty.

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Self lit Christmas tree!
Self lit Christmas tree!
Colin pedals my Dad's '75 Schwinn Exerciser stationary bike..30,000+ miles, with a fixed magnet electric motor rubbing on the wheel.' All sizes' will show the simple clamp set up to hold the motor and the device itself to the fork leg. I used 2 old BMX 4 bolt handlebar clamps (Stems). The motor spins and gets enough juice to light 110 volt electric bulbs, or Christmas lights! 0 carbon footprint, the motor can be tilted away to let the bike function minus the generator. The only weld is a 'x' cross of two seat post segments to which the stems attach. Plumbers metal tape would do just as well with bolts hold tight.. Built Fall of '05. Made merenque..beat the eggs with the electric mixer plugged into the bike! yum.
Spin / Revolution Room
Spin / Revolution Room
CLM Health and Fitness center Masterton. The gym that blasts! The spin/revolution bikes have been moved from the main gym area to a room especially for us crazy folk who like to ride a bike in a yellow and blue painted and almost windowless enclosure. Yes! and on stationary bikes going nowhere. Believe me, these bike sessions held here twice a day are the ultimate aerobic workout. Much harder then riding on the road. The sessions last for around 45-50 minutes and include racing and slower hill climbing out of the seat with the gear tensions slowly increasing. Jump music tracks and other variations keep us alert and perspiring. New linoleum /carpet to be laid soon will enhance the surroundings.

stationary spinning bike
stationary spinning bike
Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover
USA Helmet Triple Gel Seat Cover provides the most gel content on the market today

An ideal choice for both long rides around the lake and on the spinner at the gym, the Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover protects against saddle sores and uncomfortable road and trail vibration. Made with shock absorbing gel, this seat cover increases comfort on any bike saddle and works great for both on- and off-road riding. Other features include a breathable, stretch Lycra cover, and special anti-slip gripping material to ensure the cover stays on the saddle.