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Santa Cruz Bike Polo:  We play Sundays starting around 2:30 (polo time) at Mike Fox Park. Tuesdays and Thursday we play at 400 Encinal in the parking lot around 8 pm. Club rep is Brandon, contact him at 831- 212- 6947     
April 27th
There's a new logo in town. Hand-drawn by a member of the club. It almost feels like we're a real club. I think others feel the same. Brandon printed posters. Hit him up at pick-up or on the facebooks. We should have a run of hats coming soon as well. I'll keep you posted on that. I also added ladies Army to the calendar. Whoop. I'm not spending enough time figuring out google's web client, so nothing much has changed. I'd like to put photos from the ShitFest Again up soon. Still want to do a product review, as well. Check back.

April 20, yes 4:20 bro
I have passively taken over the site and will change things around as I see fit. Things to come. Posts. Photos. Updates. I don't know. I have no hopes and dreams of this turning into some type of Lancaster Bike Polo blog or anything...

But there is a calendar now. Check it for when/where we are playing as well as events that are being hosted in our region and those that I find particularly interesting.

Soon to come. New logo. Photos from Otto of the Shit Fest...Again (2013). And I don't know... how about a product review of DZR's Mamba X, Strauss and Link Lime. Since that's about the only product that I have tried and polo-tested...


Posts from the past...

Thank you Fresno!
Excellent tournament.

Thank you all for coming out to the shit fest. Thanks to the sponsors. Dog Soccer.

Feb 16th:  We've got some shitty sponsors for prizes and shit.  Burro Bags, Planet Bike, HoldFast, Santa Cruz Bicycles and Chrome Bags.  Thanks people.

Feb 4th, 2012:  The Shit Fest is on --------->
Coming Feb 25th and 26th.

Feb 1st, 2012,  Santa Cruz's own Beard Fear tore up the highway for 13hrs straight and played in DPI IV in Tempe, AZ.  We got 10th place, guess thats alright.  Only top 8 qualify for North Americans but maybe they'll open up more slots.

Jan 27th 2012
Off to AZ for DPI. The Shit Fest is scheduled sometime in late February. Hit up Brandon for info.

Thanks LA for a ball whacking weekend. You are a rambunctious and talented group of polo scoundrels, and more welcoming than we deserve. Special thanks to the NoManor, you crazy folks.

Dec. 1st
Santa Cruz Polo is planning a tournament sometime in February, rain or shine. The Shitfest Bench Minor. In honor of Shitty Kyle's fucked up face and Brandon's and Patrick's birthdays. We have lots of sleeping space and lots of polo space, so give a call and come to beautiful, temperate Santa Cruz during the worst time of the year.
-Los Angeles is having a Christmas polo party?

Nov. 2011.
The Thanksgiving Bash was good fun, thanks to Sacramento for coming out.
Las Vegas polo tournament Nov 12-13. Props to Vegas for a killer first tournament. We took fourth place. Lost to those loco bastards from Las Vegas, then Arizona, and then a vicious, dirty, loss to San Francisco. punks.