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Rent a bicycle in Lisbon

3€/ hour
15€/ day 
30€/ 3 days 
day: 24 hours

Delivery and return at our location at Rua Marquês Sá da Bandeira, 6, in Lisbon, close to São Sebastião Metro station (red line), Gulbenkian Foundation, El Corte Inglés retail store, and Av. Duque de Ávila bicycle path which connects with the city's 60km+ bicycle network.
Delivery at hotels or establishments in Oeiras, Carcavelos, Cascais, and Lisbon 25€ per bicycle for delivery and return.
50€ deposit upon rental, reimbursed upon bicycle return and verification.
Reservations accepted if deposit is made 15 days prior to rental, reimbursed upon bicycle return and verification.
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(Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently spoken)