My name is Jordan Hanssen.  As far back as I can remember, I've always had a fetish of sorts for adventure.  The last was a rather wet and involved seventy-two day rowboat race across the North Atlantic Ocean with three close friends from the University of Puget Sound. - which, incidentally, we won.  This trip was far less wet and not quite as logistically involved.   That being said, it was still an adventure.  

Accross the Nullarbor on the Eyre Highway, my mate Anthony and I ran into stiff headwinds, soaring temperatures,  and once ran out of water.   Melbourne, where I have several friends, was a lot more "cush," and for a few weeks, the trip changed faces from adventure to travel.  I was lucky enough to hit the city at the social season and managed to go to a Cellar Stocking party for my mate who was getting married, his bucks  (batchlor) party,  his wedding and a 30th birthday party.   I left the comfort of Melbourne and headed into the Snowy Moutians where I ran into some fun, but steep, hills, snow and the most physically demanding part of the trip.  With 299 km to go, my bike broke.  Fortunately, my mate from the Nullarbor, Anthony, came to the rescue and traded bikes so I could finish on my own steam. 

Please enjoy the pictures and the blog.  I assure you this will not be my last adventure.  For information on the next adventure click here:  The Row From New York to Nome, AK








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