Data Groups

Bicycle and pedestrian information is so broadly defined and includes varying levels of data with different collection methods and different data accuracies that an organzied data tier structure has been developed.  This tiered data structure allows for varying data needs, collection methods, and data accuracies to be accounted for while also allowing the Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee to focus on specific data areas to ensure progress in a structured format.
Work within the following data groups are being organized by the following subcommittee leaders: 
    Travel Monitoring -  Steven Jessberger / Liz Stolz 
    Travel Behavior -  Stacey Bricka / Jeff Frkonja  
    Transportation Data (general) -  Scott Brady / Shawn Turner / Nancy Lefler
For more information on each data group, see the information below:
 Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Clearinghouse 
T3 - Information System Data Groups