2013 TRB Mid-year Meeting

June 10-12, 2013 

This unique TRB conference will blend the traditional midyear business meetings of more than a dozen standing committees with a theme dominating decision making in all transportation agencies today – Meeting State & MPO Information Needs in a Constrained Fiscal Environment.  Doing more – and better – with less is the transportation challenge for today and tomorrow.

The conference begins with a review of the key sessions and workshops from the 2013 Annual Meeting that identified guideposts for navigating an era of constrained resources, including a review of the state of performance measurement mandates in MAP-21. The agenda will alternate between committee meetings and plenary discussions where challenges and ideas will be shared, ending in a town hall session in which participants will focus on action opportunities for TRB committees - and the professional as a whole – for the coming years.

Update (Apr. 2, 2013): Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee Agenda for meeting Wednesday, June 12, 2013 added.

See below Committees indicating intent to participate in the June Midyear.

The working assumption is each committee will have an hour and half slot for its business meeting, as well the opportunity to develop sessions of joint interest and collaborative activities with other committees.  

An announcement with registration fees will be available for distribution to your committees at the Annual Meeting.

Committees indicating intent to participate in the June Midyear

·        National Transportation Data Requirements and Programs Committee (ABJ10)

·        Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems Committee (ABJ20)

·        Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems Committee (ABJ30)

·        Highway Traffic Monitoring Committee (ABJ35)

·        Travel Survey Methods Committee (ABJ40)

·        Task Force on Understanding New Directions for the National Household Travel Survey (ABJ45T)

·        Information Systems and Technology Committee (ABJ50)

·        Geographic Information Science and Applications Committee (ABJ60)

·        Visualization in Transportation Committee (ABJ95)

·        Data and Information Systems Section (ABJ00)

·        Special Task Force Data for Decisions and Performance Measures (A0030T)

·        Transportation Asset Management (ABC40)

·        Management and Productivity (ABC20)

·        Policy and Organization Group (AB000)

·        AASHTO SCOP Data Subcommittee

·        Transportation and Sustainability (ADD40)