Bike Niagara Invites You to Rediscover Cycling!

Who are we ?

Bike Niagara is a community service organization, formed by a group of local cycling enthusiasts interested in helping people ride bicycles, promoting safe cycling and improving the capability of cyclists.

If you are thinking about buying a bicycle, getting back into cycling or want to ride with greater confidence, you will benefit from one or all of these courses.   

What do we offer ?
Course 1:  Get Cycling - For Beginners & Re-Starters

Selecting, buying and using a bike plus basic bike safety.  2.5 hours in the classroom.

Course 2:  On-Road Bike Skills - For Beginner & Intermediate Cyclists

How to ride safely:  Handling skills, group riding & individual mentoring.  2.5 hours in classroom and on-bike, all attendees must be 14  years or older.

Course 3:  Cycling Training - For Intermediate & Advanced Cyclists

Improve your power and endurance for event training.  2.5 hours in the classroom.

Rediscover Cycling!!   One Course Combines Courses 1 and 2 above – Two options

Option 1 - In Class only 1 hr., Option 2 - add on-bike component for total of 3 hours
In Class for everyone – 1 hr., 35 slides, 9:00am to 10:00am
Break/Questions/Transition to Bikes - 15 min to 10:15am
On Bike group outside for 1.75hrs, 10:15am to noon

More details under Course Information


Upon registration, one year membership in the Niagara Freewheelers Bicycle Touring Club  (for new members, $30 value)
Adult and Children Learn to Ride

This is a 3 to 4 hour course for individuals of all ages who have never learned how to ride a bicycle.  The focus is on mastering balance, basic bike riding skills and riding comfortably.

Bicycle Rodeos for Children

Both classroom and playground components are offered for schools and community groups.  A structured format is provided which covers pre-ride essentials including helmets, bike checks and personal checks. The in-class session covers safety considerations and principals, road positioning, and sidewalks, with a video highlighting important safety messages.  The playground set-up gives the opportunity to learn and practice essential handling skills including straight line riding, braking, shoulder checking, signalling and gearing.  An on-road component is optional depending on the availability of adult supervisors and low volume local roads.
At this time Bike Niagara is partnering with Heart Niagara to help implement bike rodeos in elementary schools across Niagara

More Details

Bike Niagara is demand responsive to requests for adult or children's safe cycling courses.  To find out more about course content check out the course information page or call Dave Hunt (905) 892-4773

More Information ?

See all the details, download course outlines in the Course Information page, email