bike and hike Nazca 2013

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 May 21st 2013 

Iris, age 68, retired adventurist
Ride, hike and travel the Nazca Lines (Peru)
Review of the Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired


I tried to book a bicycle tour, as I did on other locations at Bolivia and Peru...

It has not been working out.

The guys from didn't find the time for a reply...

No bicycle means automatically to find other means of transport - the car of the hostel keeper (Marco from Pirwa hostel Nazca).

Nazca is a sort of rural place. It takes nearly 7 hours to go down by bus from Lima.

You may meet people from all over the world.

The way down to Nazca is on good paved road with wide shoulder.
But there is low infrastructure in between. Let's assume you bike down on the Panamericana Sud, you have to plan your stay carefully in advance. It is a very dry, hot and sandy area.
Never have seen a single bicyclist on the road.
The high elevations are over...; nevertheless you may find 'rolling hills - a coastal road is never totally flat. The last part down to Nazca is 'inland' with some minor hills to climb in between.
I have refused to fly over the lines. They have two steel structure platforms, whereas you may see a lot of lines. Figures etc. Most of the lines go back to 800 before Christ. They belong to the times before the modern Inca.
A German woman, Maria Reiche was one of the line conservation program.
I asked if I can go to the lines and touch them... . My request has been replied showing me cuffed hands.
The lines today are not only protected by the UNSECO, they are as well protected by Peruvian law.
They can be strict on those matters.

At Nazca you may also find the biggest sand dune of the world. The mountain Cerro Bianco. 2.400 meters high.
Nazca is a rocky and very dry location. The have 2 seasons, whilst the best traveling time is fall: which is May. The Nazca river comprises a dry rocky, mostly dried out river bed. Only on 20 days per year this river shows water.

See impressions from the ride at the pages below!

Enjoy the pictures. Good luck to our followers!

Dead Inka - unknown sex, maybe Shaman
 Portrait of the German scientist Maria Reiche - died in her age of 95 at Lima

views to and from the sightseeing tower:



Ah, now I understand, who makes the Nazca lines:


some more pictures of Maria Reiche and her work:


the water aqueducts - another pre-Inca relict:


the largest sand dune of the world: Cerro Bianca, elevation: 2.400 meters

 see the Cerro Bianca - the mountain in the rear!
 view to the Nazca river, with Cerro Bianca in the rear!