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About 3T Program

The 3T Program is the educational component of Bikecar101.  
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We promise to pay for your trip (Ticket), and ask that you wear our logo (T-shirt) while sharing your experience (Testimonial).

The idea of the 3T program emerged out of a conversation between a member of Bikecar101 and an employee of Metrolink while riding on a Metrolink train.  Overall, the idea is to educate the public about bringing bicycles on board Metro rail and Metrolink trains to encourage them to engage in future active transportation.  How is this accomplished?  First, a group of bicycle riders sign up to be educated by Bikecar101.  Second, the desired group of riders will meet or ride to the train station with Bikecar101 and go through the process of learning how to purchase a ticket for either train.  No cost to the rider, the fare (educational fare) is on Bikecar101 -- yes, you ride for FREE!!  Each rider will receive a FREE T-shirt with our 'Bikecar101' logo on it.  Last but not least, as a proof of education, we ask that each rider 'give a shout out' on social media, or support us on our website (by entering e-mail and zipcode -- on the home page).  And a group photo would be great to seal the deal too.

We hope that by enjoying the educational experience and receiving a free train ride along with a free t-shirt, each person will spread the message of the reach and ease of bringing bicycles on board trains.  Additionally, each person will understand the need for further advocacy regarding greater 'on board' bicycle space.

If a group is interested in education about bicycles on board trains, please fill out the request sheet below.