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Bikecar101 -- Mission Statement

Bikecar101 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is devoted to engaging residents in Southern California in active transportation.  Our mission is to advocate for and educate the public about bicycles on board trains in Southern California! 

This includes advocating for increased 'on-board' storage space on each train with an increasing bicycle culture in the region.  Through education we believe that more people will decide to use a bicycle coupled with public transit train system (Metro rail or Metrolink train) to either commute or leisurely travel within the region.  Overall, the result is a growing population of residents engaging in 'active transportation' to improve their health and that of the environment.  

For more information regarding the motivation for our advocacy, check out our PowerPoint slide shows below:

1) What is a 'bikecar' ?  Click here!

2) Motivation for 'Bikcar101' advocacy -- Click here!