Sound Equipment Rentals/Other Services

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Since, Sue Larsen
has been setting up sound systems for over 30 years, as well as being a sound technician for recording sessions and live events, it seemed a natural progression to offer this service to companies and everyday people who need a sound system and sound advice for their event.
  Maybe your company is hosting a conference, seminar, fundraiser, "kick off" event, or staff retreat and you need to hear the music or presenter. Maybe your family is hosting a family reunion, BBQ, graduation party, anniversary or celebrating a wedding or birthday and you have no sound system large enough to handle it. Maybe you are a DJ with no subwoofers or a musical performer from out of town and don't have your equipment for an upcoming show or you are a performer who is playing a venue that is larger than your equipment will allow. Maybe you need a sound technician as well to "run the board". Whatever the occasion,  large or small, all day or just a few hours, there's equipment for that.            
                                             We have various microphones from Shure to EV, small condensers and for kick drums
                                                            Wireless mics, headsets, lavalier and wireless set up for guitar and bass
                                                            Snakes, instrument cables, microphone cables, speaker stands and mic stands.
                                                                                        There are mixers up to 16 XLRs and 4 auxs: Peavey, Alesis, Behringer, Yamaha
Microphones, cables, stands, snakes, DI boxesmixers
Yes, I like Peavey! There's one Roland too...                                 400w monitors 10" & 12", 400w 15", 1000w 18" subs
monitors and speakers
Powered by Nady 900w, 1100w, and 2100w for subs
                                                           EQ and compression by Alesis, DBX, DOD, and Behringer
                                                                                           Effects by Alesis                                                       

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