I am an associate professor at the Utrecht University School of Economics. I am interested in questions relating to climate policy and the transition towards net zero.

From Sep 2016-Nov 2021 I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Gothenburg. I obtained by PhD in 2016 at Tilburg University.

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Email:        i.m.vandenbijgaart [at] uu[dot] nl

Online:      Utrecht University web page


Firm heterogeneity and technology adoption in the green transition (with Mauricio Rodriguez) 

Climate policy for coordination (with Åsa Löfgren)


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Too slow a change? Deep habits, consumption shifts and transitory tax policy [download] 



2024 - Environmental Economics and Policy (MSc)

2023 - Intermediate Macroeconomics: Growth and Sustainability  (BSc)

2021- - Advanced Macroeconomics (Research master)

2021-2023 - Macroeconomics 2B: International Money (BSc)

2021- - Research Master thesis supervision

PhD thesis supervision: Tommaso Felici (2022- ) and Laura Egelmeers (2023- )


2018-2021 - Mathematics (PhD level)

2017-2020 - Macroeconomics I; Economic Growth (PhD level)

2017, 2020 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory  (MSc level)

2017-2020 - Bachelor and Master thesis supervision

PhD thesis supervision: Ruijie Tian (2017-2021)