Bosnia-Herzegovina maps

Brothers & Sisters! Here you can find some maps about Bosnia-Herzegovina. These maps about the country only.

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Overview map about BIH

 Here you can download this map in pdf format (334 kbyte)

Interactive maps

The links ponts to the gatherings location.


Map + sattelite + hybride (map+sattelite) view. The map is really good, you can find Sanica and MEDJEDJE BRDO and the satellite view is really informative too.

Google maps

The map not so good, but the satellite view really informative. You can see the mountains, meadows, forests as well.


Very good, detailed topographical map. I recommend you!

Scaned (rester) road maps 

Scaned, downloadable BIH road map

(cca 300-440 kByte / page) T1 <<here>>,  T2, T3 

Scaned downloadable road atlas pages about North Bosnia & Croatia

(cca 320-350 kByte / page) 18a, 18b, 19a,19b 

Digital maps for navigation software


If you have IGo navigation software for PDA/GPS then you can download BIH map (1453 KB) - these is a road map and not so detailed :(

Ethnics composition

Bosnia-Herzegovina is an etnics mixed area.

Ethnics majorities in 2005

 Ethnics in 1991 - before the war