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The Rocket Shop and Digital Fabrication

So what is "The Rocket Shop"?  About 15 years ago, we demolished our existing 2 car 75 year old garage.  In it's place, a new "garage" was built.  In truth, it was never to be employed as a garage.  I don't believe a car has every entered it!

The shop has evolved into a space with many tools, precision machines, work surfaces, and amenities support varied needs.  The shop itself really could be a "tool".  Many hours have been spent determining processes and proceedures to best use it's capabilities.  I like to consider it  my own little Vehicle Assembly Building much like NASA's.  Both are machines to build rockets.


Rocket Blog

I have a few rockets in my inventory that I sometimes get a chance to build.   These kits run the gambit of low, mid, and high power.  Physical sizes range from about 3" tall to over 10 feet.  Altitudes reached from these rockets range from less than 20' to over 8,000 at Mach 1.2

Click on the Girlfriend to see the rockets!
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