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Wheel Horse Parts

wheel horse parts
    wheel horse
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  • Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of outdoor and garden power equipment, including lawn and garden tractors. The company's headquarters were in South Bend, Indiana.
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wheel horse parts - 174873, 133957,
174873, 133957, Craftsman Deck Gauge Wheel. Also MTD 934-3058, Murray 92683
174873, 133957, Craftsman Deck Gauge Wheel. Also MTD 934-3058, Murray 92683
5 X 2 3/4" Deck Wheel. Some of the part numbers it replaces: ARIENS 03471700, ARIENS 34717, ARIENS 3471700, AYP/ROPER/SEARS 133957, AYP/ROPER/SEARS 174873, CUB CADET 734-3058B, HUSTLER 031997, JOHN DEERE AM-116299, JOHN DEERE M84690, MTD 734-3058, MTD 734-3058B, MTD 934-3058, MURRAY 092265, MURRAY 092683, MURRAY 92265, MURRAY 92683, OREGON 72-094, PRIME LINE 7-04840, SIMPLICITY/ALLIS CHA 1700184, SIMPLICITY/ALLIS CHA 1700184SM, SNAPPER/KEES 29264, STENS 210-203, SUNBELT B1WL20, SUNBELT B1WL51, TORO/WHEEL HORSE 112-0677, and more.

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The trojan Horse in Izmir
The trojan Horse in Izmir
The Trojan Horse is a crafty contraption that allowed the Greeks to put an end to the 10-year-old Trojan War. The wily Greek hero Odysseus conceived the project and design for the Trojan Horse; Epeus, is credited with the actual building of the Trojan Horse. The Greeks left a giant wooden object made to look like a horse at the Trojan city gates. Some of the Greeks pretended to sail away, but actually sailed just out of sight. The other Greeks stood waiting, inside the belly of the wooden beast. When the Trojans saw the giant wooden horse and the departing Greek troops, they thought the wooden horse was a parting gift for the gods, so most of them wanted to wheel it into their city. The decision to move the Trojan Horse into the city was opposed by Cassandra, the prophetess whose fate was never to be believed, and Laocoon, who was destroyed, along with his two sons, by sea serpents after pleading with his fellow Trojans to leave the Trojan Horse outside their city walls. The Trojans took this as a sign that the gods were displeased with Laocoon's message. Besides, the Trojans preferred to believe that since the Greeks were gone, the long war was over. The city opened the gates, let the horse in, and celebrated riotously. When the Trojans passed out or fell asleep, the Greeks climbed down from the belly of the Trojan Horse, opened the city gates and ushered the rest of the troops into the city. The Greeks then sacked, destroyed, and burned Troy.
Logging Wheels, U of Montana Forestry Department
Logging Wheels, U of Montana Forestry Department
Thanks to the tireless research of my friend *Notes (see discussion and valuable links below) I have concluded that this is a fully restored Redding Slip-Tongue High Wheel Log Cart, one of only a very few still in existence. If I’m correct, this colossal log cart was manufactured by the Redding Iron Works in California between approximately 1910 and 1916. I haven’t physically measured the wheel diameter, but it should be 10’ (3M), which allowed for use in the mountainous terrain of the American west. Very large diameter logs were slung underneath the cart using chains. The huge logs could then be hauled by a pair of mules to the railhead for transport. The long sliding tongue was part of an automatic braking system, crucial to preventing runaways in hilly country. (See next slide in this set.)

wheel horse parts
wheel horse parts
Breyer Stablemates Pick - Up Truck and Gooseneck Trailer
Load up the horses and hit the road! This slant-load gooseneck horse trailer features hinged roof panels for easy access to a three-stall interior and storage area. Towing is easy with a deluxe pickup truck that has opening and closing doors, a drop-down tailgate and wheels that really roll. Made of die-cast metal and plastic. Measures 16.25"H x 4.5"W x 7.5"D.

Load up your horses and hit the road with the Breyer Stablemates Pick-Up Truck and Gooseneck Trailer. The intricately detailed slant-load horse trailer has hinged roof panels and space for up to three Stablemates horses and their tackle (horses and accessories sold separately). Towing the trailer is easy with the included pick-up truck that features a drop-down tailgate and doors that open and close. Simply pull up the trailer's retracting stake, hitch up the truck, and you're on your way!
Breyer Stablemates logo
Pick-Up Truck & Gooseneck Trailer

Ages: 3 years and up

What We Think

Fun factor: 4 stars
Durability: 3 stars
Ease of assembly: 5 stars
Educational factor: 4 stars
Novelty factor: 4 stars

The Good: Charming details provide an authentic equestrian experience

The Challenging: The trailer's back doors have trouble staying closed, and horses might fall out

In a Nutshell: Truck and trailer provide a fun way to get Stablemates horses from place to place

Breyer Stablemates callout

Pick-Up Truck & Gooseneck Trailer
Features amazing and realistic details--inside and out! View larger.

Pick-Up Truck & Gooseneck Trailer
Pick up truck detaches from trailer for easy loading and unloading of horses and passengers. View larger.
Charming Trailer is Just Like the Real Thing
Designed for true horse lovers, the Stablemates gooseneck trailer features a realistic design complete with rolling tires. Pastoral images of Breyer horses adorn the trailer's sides, which have small windows for your horse figurines to peek out of and say hi.
Pick-Up Truck & Gooseneck Trailer
Room for up to three Stablemates horses. View larger.
Featuring a wide interior with adjustable gates, the gooseneck trailer provides room for up to three Stablemates horses. Dual doors let your horses through, while the retractable tailgate slants down for them to climb up.
Additionally, the trailer's hinged rooftop divides into two sections, so you can easily reach inside to arrange your horses or store their accessories in the upper compartment. The trailer even has a working door for human figurines to enter and exit (all figurines and accessories sold separately).
Easy Towing with the Detailed Pick-Up Truck
Towing the trailer is easy and fun with the Stablemates pick-up truck. A device fastens across the back of the truck for towing, and it lifts off to provide room for loading. Just drop down the tailgate and get to work loading items into the wide truck bed. The truck's sturdy working tires assure balance and traction, so your trailer, cargo, and figurines can get where they need to go.
The pick-up's inside is just as realistic as its outside. There's a spinning steering wheel, gear shift, radio, glove box, and even miniature cup holders. The driver and passenger doors open and close for inserting figurines, and there's ample legroom for the truck's occupants to hit the road in comfort.
What's in the Box
Gooseneck trailer, pick-up truck, and Breyer catalog.