Ps2 Steering Wheel Pedals

ps2 steering wheel pedals
    steering wheel
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  • Sony PlayStation 2. The name says it all. (It’s even backwards-compatible with the PSX.)
  • PlayStation 2. A popular video game console.
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ps2 steering wheel pedals - Logitech Driving
Logitech Driving Force Wheel for PlayStation 2
Logitech Driving Force Wheel for PlayStation 2
Logitech Driving Force - Wheel and pedals set - Sony PlayStation 2

This PlayStation2 steering wheel supports Gran Turismo 3, F1 2001, Motor Mayhem, NASCAR Heat 2002, The Simpsons: Road Rage, Test Drive, and many other racing games. The wheel lets you feel the road, the handling of the car, and bumps, walls, and crashes like never before. Rubber hand grips provide comfort and precise steering control. The product includes two wheel-mounted paddles, a D-pad, action buttons, a dual clamping system with lap attachment, and realistic pedals.
The D-pad provides convenient control of menu selections, views, and other standard directional pad controls in driving games. Four action buttons on the wheel rim provide quick access to car control functions and menu selections. You can use the two wheel-mounted paddles as gear shifters when pedals are connected or as gas and brake controls when pedals are disconnected. Four action buttons on the wheel spokes act as the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons of a standard PlayStation2 controller. The dual clamping system holds the wheel base tight and secure, and is easy to tighten and loosen for quick installation and removal. The lap attachment provides a stable mounting surface for comfort and control when you are seated away from a table. The weighted base prevents pedals from slipping around. This product comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Nürburgring Nordschleife, Nissan Pennzoil GT-R, 7:01:255
Nürburgring Nordschleife, Nissan Pennzoil GT-R, 7:01:255
The Nissan Pennzoil Nismo GT-R JGTC is much better in acceleration and handling compared to my previous times posted with the Nissan Pitwork Z JGTC. No steering wheel or pedals this time. Dual analog hand controller only. TCM and ASM ON. Nikon Coolpix S50. Handheld. SOOC.
For Sale!
For Sale!
PS2 with 10 games, 2 wireless controllers, 1 wired controller, steering wheel and pedals. $160 for everything. Contact me at

ps2 steering wheel pedals
ps2 steering wheel pedals
Racing Steering Wheel Stand for Logitech G27 / G25 Wheels, Deluxe, Original Wheel Stand Pro Stand
The Wheel Stand Pro is the perfect solution with the wheel and gear shifter are bolted to the unbelievable steady base plus the pedals are bolted firmly to the stand as well...nothing moves on you. Not only can you quickly adjust the wheel and foot pedals it's unique flexibility allows you to use use that favorite chair or cushy couch and feel like you may have died and gone to sim-racing heaven! A rugged stand of lightweight metal, the Wheel Stand Pro only weighs 16 pounds. When your done racing, fold the Wheel Stand Pro up and carry it more lengthy set up time...quit messing around, start racing! * Stand comes fully assembled, just attach your wheel and pedals (easy) * Editor's Notes: This deluxe model is based on the same design we use for the Standard Model, but we made it 2" wider and 3 pounds heavier. * Weighs Seventeen pounds shipping weight(Three pounds heavier than the Standard G25 G27 Model, and two inches wider for more stability) * Fully Adjustable: Hinges at the base (can pull the wheel towards the player well past vertical, allows for playing comfortably from a deep chair or couch), and the wheel surface. The back stop can be adjusted forward or backward so your pedal base has a fixed stop location. The height of the wheel adjusts up and down. Width of stand is 16" wide, 26" long, and between 18" to 28" high (the wheel attaches to the top of the plate, so your hands will be a few inches taller then this at full upright verticle position). * Quick adjustments. At each key adjustment location, at the base and the height, there are sturdy levers for release or hold in place. No clumsy knobs to turn (or to hit with your knee!), just one easy motion to adjust and tighten. You will love this feature! * Wheel and Pedals mount with bolts (All tools and hardware provided). * Gear shift mounts with bolts (provided), to the adjustable top mounting plate. Allen wrench and box end wrench provided.