Luggage Wheels Trolley - Auto Wheel Spacers - Steering Wheel Cover Black

Luggage Wheels Trolley

luggage wheels trolley
  • Suitcases or other bags in which to pack personal belongings for traveling
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  • A shopping cart
  • A large metal basket or frame on wheels, resembling a shopping cart and used for transporting luggage at an airport or railroad station; a luggage cart
  • streetcar: a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity
  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering
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luggage wheels trolley - Magna Cart
Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck
Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck
Ideal for travelers, trade show exhibitors, and anyone else who frequently hauls boxes and other gear from place to place, the Magna Cart Elite 2 personal hand truck is engineered with toughness in mind.
The Magna Cart Elite 2 will support up to 200 pounds and folds to a compact size for easy storage.
The 10-1/2-pound hand truck features durable metal hybrid construction and will support up to 200 pounds. The 7-inch rubber wheels, meanwhile, roll smoothly on virtually any surface, from pavement to trim carpet to linoleum. Best of all, the truck folds up compactly for storage or carrying, with a footprint of only 28.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. The hand truck's narrow profile makes it ideal for carrying on planes (it fits easily in overhead compartments), trains, and cars, and when you're not using it, simply hang it on a peg in the garage or stow it next to the fridge.
200-pound capacity
Weighs 10.5 pounds
Extends to 39 inches tall (99 cm)
Folds to 28.5 inches (72 cm) and 2.5 inches thick (6 cm)
Extra wide 19.25-inch (49 cm) aluminum base plate
Rugged 22mm steel (parallel tubes) frame
7-inch rubber wheels (17.8 cm)

The Magna Cart Elite2 Hand Truck. Engineered with toughness in mind…holds up to 200 lbs., but only weighs 10.5 lbs. Compacted, it measures only 28" tall and 2" wide…great just about anywhere. It's slim size helps it store anywhere....on a peg hook in your garage or closet, in your trunk, a nook or cranny in your RV...just think of the possibilities. It extends to 39" tall to conform to almost any body length comfortably...and the 7" rubber (no air ever needed) rolls on any surface smoothly.

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Tokyoto Design Cabin Trolley Luggage Comic
Tokyoto Design Cabin Trolley Luggage Comic
* Limited Edition: Unique and exclusive design * Accepted as carry-on luggage * Size: 20" x 9.5" x 13.7" (50x24x35cm) * Capacity: 30 Litres * Weight: 6.61 Lbs. (3 Kg) * Quality Tests * Fixed TSA Lock * High scratch resistance * Materials: Extremely robust, lightweight polycarbonate trolley case * Top and side carry handle * Highly resistant black tube handle * Push button handle * 360? multidirectional 4 wheel system * Single zipper. Nylon lining + interior pockets + elastic belts * Warranty: 2 years
Lost Luggage
Lost Luggage
Olympus OM3, Zuiko 24mm f2.8, Kodak TriX ISO 400, Developed in XTol 1+1 for 9min at 20C, Scanned at 3200 dpi using Epson F-3200 scanner, Processed in CS3.

luggage wheels trolley
luggage wheels trolley
BRAND NEW - Folding Hand Cart / Dolley ( dolly )

Great for luggage or moving stuff around the house.

Ideal for hauling your amplifier from your house to a gig!
Folds up FLAT! the wheels tuck into the back of the cart!
Folded size is 25" x 15" x approx 2.5" THICK! Great size for transport and storage. Weighs approx 8# lbs.

When fully extended the cart size is 39.5" tall, about 15" wide at the base and approx 11" deep at bottom stand.

Test lifted a person of 160# without any problems.

Perfect for carrying luggage through the airport.

Smooth running wheels with thick rubber for silent and simple use.
Even includes a Bungee cord for holding your gear to the cart! Various spots to attach and clamp the bungee.Extends simply with a quick pull of the handle. Great buy!