Hyper Skate Wheels. 19 Amg Replica Wheels.

Hyper Skate Wheels

hyper skate wheels
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hyper skate wheels - Hyper Dualies
Hyper Dualies Quad Roller Skating Wheels 62mm 98A ORANGE
Hyper Dualies Quad Roller Skating Wheels 62mm 98A ORANGE
Brand new, in the shrinkwrapper never been opened or used Hyper Dualies Dual-pour 62mm indoor quad roller skate wheels. This is a complete set of premium skate wheels in a 98A durometer. If you want top of the line--this is it. Here is what makes these wheels so special---most wheels are just one kind of urethane. The problem with that is that no one urethane is great for everything. What is going on here is a dual pour. Essentially it is a wheel within a wheel. One wheel is slightly softer and one is a bit harder. In addition, the outer urethane is impregnated with an additive for extra grip--you get the best of all worlds--hard enough to last a long time and be nice and fast, yet soft enough to give you excellent traction and a smooth ride--what more could you possible want?--they even look cool in a nice pumpkin orange color. It is certainly more costly to make wheels this way, but it is well-worth it and once you try them you'll never go back to old-fashioned ordinary wheels again.

85% (9)
IMG 4411
IMG 4411
super old skate stuff. top row: Hyper Wheels fat boy 72mm wheel, some old Senate wheel, fifty/50 grind plates. bottom row: all Senate wheels. the 2 small ones are C-notes, one of the very first sets of 'anti-rocker' wheels. super-hard and around 44mm.
Hyper Pro250 Wheels 01
Hyper Pro250 Wheels 01
I also picked up some Hyper Pro250 inline skate wheels. I'll try them next. The fill quality on these wheels are much worse than the Labeda wheels. There are tons of voids.

hyper skate wheels
hyper skate wheels
Hyper Rollerblade SGB individual Inline skate wheels 84mm 89A
84mm wheels from Hyper--the #1 brand of wheel in the world. This is the high-end SGB model--a top-quality wheel for an experienced skater or racer. These wheels are an 84mm size which fits only a small subset of skates. If you are unsure, please check your skate to know if this wheel fits as it is very large and will not work with most models of in-line skates. The 89 durometer is super-hard--harder than 99% of all wheels available. If you are sick and tired of buying expensive wheels and replacing them all the time, then this wheel is for you. It is extremely hard--that comes with some advantages and disadvantages. The big advantages are speed and durability. Because it is so hard and solid, your weight doesn't mush it down as it would a softer wheel. The footprint the wheel makes with the ground is smaller and the wheels roll with less resistance and friction. The drawback to super hard wheels is that they give a less spongy ride. If you skate on relatively sooth surfaces it won't matter much at all. If you skate on bumpy, super-rough surfaces it will be a trade-off--you'll have wheels that last better, but ride a little less smooth. The wheel has an additive for extra grip and is marked as suitable for indoor use, however, it is also fantastic for outdoor use. Take my advice,--use it outdoors on roads, asphalt and other hard surfaces-the smoother the surfaces you skate on, the better this will be. The profile is built for speed. It is a tall and narrow with a core that adds a spline of support in the center of the wheel (if you sliced the wheel in half you could see it) giving you additional rebound when you push against the ground. With this wheel you get lots and lots of straight line speed. The hub is the standard 608 size--the kind that fits 99+% of all skates out in the world. This wheel is designed to maximize rebound. Simply put- less of your power is absorbed by the wheel and more of it is converted into SPEED. Wheel is blue with a green core.