Discovery Spare Wheel Cover - Pc Steering Wheel Games.

Discovery Spare Wheel Cover

discovery spare wheel cover
    spare wheel
  • Motor caravans are supplied with a spare wheel as standard, but for caravans this is often an optional extra, although strongly recommended
  • A spare tire is an additional tire (or tyre - see spelling differences) carried in a motor vehicle as a replacement for one that goes flat, a blowout, or other emergency.
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spare wheel carrier 06
spare wheel carrier 06
Take a 2in tow bar drop plate, an old 3ft fish tank stand, several clevis pins, a bit of M12 rod and some welding wire, and you can save an appreciable amount of room in your boot...
Spare wheel carrier
Spare wheel carrier
... and seen here in closed mode. The bar locks behind the rear panel. preventing the weight of the spare wheel carrier pulling the boot lid open.

discovery spare wheel cover