Top Ten Toys For 2 Year Olds

top ten toys for 2 year olds
    top ten
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    2 year
  • Year 2 (II) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult
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Teas maid
Teas maid
I loathe making the tea at work. Not because I’m a scroogey lazy old misery guts but because I just can’t take the stress. The variations possible in making cup of tea are infinitesimal. Each person has spent the years of their life so far perfecting their own very personal beverage requirements; toying and experimenting with brewage time, milk infiltration, stir speed, choice of cup etc. Then, when I am to take their tea order they condense this totally unique tea fingerprint into 3 words’ “Milk 2 sugars.” I take instructions; hyper aware of the inescapable double entendres when asking how a person ‘takes it, wants it, likes it.’ I offer a pained smile as I head down to the kitchen repeating the mantra in my head, ‘two with 2 sugars one with one and a half, one with none.’ It’s best that no one ever sees how I have prepared their drink; just like it’s best not to watch someone performing an operation on you, just be glad of a successful outcome. I have always been a patron of milky baby tea, so when I get requests for builders’ tea I panic. Not being familiar with exactly how dark builders’ tea should be I will smoosh that teabag into the side of the mug over and over again as if I am rendering a wall. I add milk while the teabag remains afloat, unsure of whether I might send it back too far towards magnolia. Milk added, I stir it around and think, ‘That looks like hardcore builders tea alright.’ I scoop the bag out – and just as it reaches the lip of the mug, it vindictively dumps a last load of hue over the edges of the brown stained spoon into the mug, turning the tea almost molasses. ‘Oh crap!’ The mug is now at maximum capacity, what to do?! What to do?! I painstakingly spoon some of the peat liquid down the sink to make room for more water and/or milk. I have now been making this one cup for about 20 minutes. Enough room is made for more water, in it goes, the saturation is taken down just enough to pass as tea and not Bovril, but now, with the influx of boiling water I have created a washing up bowl effect on the surface, seething brown bubbles taunt me. “Please settle down, please be calm” I say to the tea as much as to myself, willing it to look more like a mill pond and not Hugh Heffner’s Jacuzzi after a horrible mishap. I set about making the other cups to buy the fizzy one some time to go flat. ‘Well at least I have worked out how to get the colour about right now.’ But can I recreate the same strength of tea in any of the other cups? Can I f**k! I go through a similarly haphazard ritual with each new brew; cross contaminating cups with shared tea bags as it is more efficient time wise to scoop all bags out together into one giant brown pile and dollop into the bin than do each cup one at a time. For the tea that I thought was mine and then realised had sugar in it I must add a whole new bag into the quickly growing tepid liquid – I believe in the trade this is considered tea making sacrilege but I must regain some colour and fast. Five cups of tea eventually sit before me, four were meant to be the same strength, and one (mine) anaemic. Instead I have a spectrum of sepia shades and a real sweat on. I figure that if I just present cups separately, and never allow any to sit side by side then no one will see the cornucopia of brunettes that I have produced. And then, out of the corner of my eye as I mop my brow with the tea towel I notice debris starting to rise to the surface of each cup. Within seconds each has a tide line of brown scale like some kind of lime scale margarita. I am, at this point cursing rather like a builder. The next stage of playing teas maid is to get the drinks upstairs to the awaiting males. I had never taken such an interest in cups and mugs before working in an office. When you have to carry three or more mugs they need to be identical and perfectly weighted so that the level that the handle sits upon your poor over laden, hideously bent fingers will be the same, otherwise you end up having your knuckles seared whilst staggering up the stairs. As for cups and saucers; the work of a sadist – I am projected back to egg and spoon races as child when my eyes burn for not blinking as they concentrate so hard on the slosh/wobble rhythm. My steps are as uncomfortable as those of a thief clenching a packet of revels between his buttocks as he passes the security guard. At the top of the stairs I still have to get through two fire doors, built to withstand a battering ram of flame. I have to choose between the arse led reverse entry or the kick and scurry; both usually causing a tidal wave in the cups and over my arms. Then, just to make sure I don’t get away with it I will apologise to everyone as I set their drink down, which of course is as irresistible as a limping antelope to a hyena, they must pounce and criticise hell out of what is before them, “You took your time, what were you doing, picking the leaves yourself?” “Watch out, you’re spilling it love.
198/365- Please Read Description.
198/365- Please Read Description.
Story Time. It was Christmas of 1999. I remember giving that Christmas the title of “Best Christmas Ever,” for one reason only. Because I got the Jessie doll from Toy Story 2. I held it in my hands and thought in my head of how much fun I would have playing with her and my Woody doll. And my Mr. Potato head… And my Bullseye the horse… And my Rex the dinosaur. I had them all. Apparently, I had my career choice picked out at the early age of six. I was constantly asking my mother how I could become a cowgirl and make a living off it and be like Jessie. A simple doll that was a character in a movie had such a profound impact on me. My mom even bought me the Toy Story soundtrack, and I would dance around my grandparent’s house where my mom and I lived, in red cowgirl boots, my Jessie shirt, and a denim skirt. Countless days were spent in the living room playing with Woody and Jessie. My grandpa spent all those days with me, and our playing adventures would last the whole day. Jessie and Woody would go on thrilling adventures on top of the piano, under the couch, or wherever my grandpa and I would take them. My grandfather was my best friend. He was retired, and spent the days taking care of any needs my sick grandmother would request, and playing with me. When he smiled, there was something in his eyes that made you want to hug him, and when I was with him, my imagination took flight, as I laughed and laughed at the different voices he gave each of the dolls. At the age of 67, he was still running around the house playing Chase with me, and still going to fitness point every morning, and taking his daily swim. He came back one day, eager to share the exciting news that he saw a man who looked just like Buzz Lightyear at the pool. He had “the minuscule spiral beard and everything!” I grew older, and my Toy Story phase rubbed off. I lost my Jessie doll, and eventually my Woody got misplaced along with the other toys. I always made sure I kept my dolls and stuffed animals in my room though. Ever since I moved up the street to the house I live in now, they’ve been sitting in a wicker basket in a corner of my room, watching the days go by, watching my interests shift, watching me grow older. Today I went to see Toy Story 3. I was excited, remembering ten years ago how obsessed and infatuated I was with Toy Story. I only had to wait 11 years to see how the trilogy resolved itself. I have never cried so hard at any movie, I have never taken any movie so seriously. Every time one of the toys would get hurt, or get thrown on the ground by an evil daycare child, my eyes would get really big, and I would grip the arm of the movie theater chair. For those who have not seen it, I don’t want to give away the ending. For those who have seen it, you know what I’m talking about. You know the ending. By the time they get back to Andy’s house, and find their way back, I started tearing up. But by the end, when his car drives off, I am sobbing uncontrollably. I remembered what it was like to play with my now 76 year old grandpa in the living room every night, taking Jessie and Woody on new adventures. I remembered why I loved Jessie so much. I remembered youth, and how much I valued it, and still do. Watching that movie was like watching my life. I got home, and my mother opened the door, to see me crying on the doorstep. She cried too and we just hugged for a long time. Until she asked me what we were even crying about. I explained the movie, which wasn’t the best idea, because she was crying all over the place at that point. I don’t even know what it is. Maybe it’s all the memories with my grandpa. Maybe it’s how I’m growing up but don’t want to. Maybe it’s how different things are with my grandparents now that my grandma is very sick. But I got upstairs, and took out my stuffed animals and dolls and just sat there looking at them for a long time. Then proceeded to add, “Jessie Doll,” to my birthday wish list.

top ten toys for 2 year olds
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